Crib Mattress Researchers Switch to Non-Toxic Brands


I recently discovered an article on Babble about chemicals in mattresses. The article was a response to a concerned parent’s question about the safety of crib mattresses made with chemicals. She had even heard those chemicals could be connected to SIDS! Confused about the issues, she wanted advice – what’s the truth, what is a safe crib mattress, and could she afford one on her tight budget?


The authors of the article researched the subject and concluded that “Studies have shown that these chemicals can leach into the environment and have been linked with health problems. You may have read the recent news story about toxic chemicals found in children’s bodies; mattresses are one of many possible sources.”


The authors offer a lot of information about the chemicals in mattresses and their effects. It’s well worth reading. Check it out at Full of Hot Air? The Inconvenient Truth about Mattress Off-Gasing.


They also link to Naturepedic organic crib mattresses as a safe, affordable option.


The authors were concerned about the problem, but said they want to avoid “going crazy in search of total purification.” Nevertheless, they both ordered natural mattresses while they were doing the research for the article. Read Full of Hot Air? The Inconvenient Truth about Mattress Off-Gasing for more info.

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