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Is Your Baby Absorbing Chemicals From Skin Care Products?

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

baby-in-bath1We’re not in the skin care business at Naturepedic but we do care about babies being exposed to chemicals – which is why we get our crib mattresses certified by GREENGUARD and by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). We also like to pass any information along that might help prevent babies from being exposed to potentially harmful chemicals. Along that line, I recently came across some startling information about absorbing chemicals through the skin: Did you know that women absorb five pounds of chemicals through their skin, into their body, from their cosmetics and skin care products alone – every year?

Obviously, women use a lot of things babies don’t – makeup, for example – but, still, babies are exposed to soaps, shampoos, sometimes dry skin lotions, salves and lotions for diaper rash, powders, diaper wipes, and so on. When you take a look at it, it’s a pretty long list. And many of these products, even the mild ones made for babies, have chemicals in them you really don’t want in your baby.

In fact, you don’t even want most of them on your baby’s skin. The skin is designed to protect the rest of the body from bacteria, chemicals – anything outside the body that could harm internal organs. But the chemicals in many skin care products tend to strip the skin of its natural protective oils, the skin gets dry and develops tiny, almost invisible, cracks, and there goes your protection.

Finding soaps, shampoos and skin care products that don’t contain harmful chemicals is just one more step you can take to give your baby a healthy start in life.

Naturepedic Crib Mattresses – Born and Bred in the U.S.A.

Monday, October 26th, 2009

madeinusa2At Naturepedic, we don’t have a political agenda – or any other agenda for that matter, other than our obvious concerns about our health and environment – but, like all Americans, we do want to support the our local and national economy. We also don’t want any surprises with our materials – we want to know exactly what we’re getting, and we’d like the people we’re getting it from to be around the corner, more or less.

At Naturepedic we use the finest materials and Amish workmanship, while supporting U.S. jobs and industry.

Squidoo has a made in U.S.A. products section in which they tell an interesting true story:

“Once a high school teacher gave his students a weekend project. Students were to go to a mall and make lists of all of the items they could find that were made in the USA. Fun homework for teens, right? Well, guess what? They failed miserably because this task was nearly impossible! They were shocked! Try it yourself next time you are in a mall … or in ANY store. Finding a tag that says ‘made in the USA’ on any product might be way harder than you think. Try it!”

When you buy Naturepedic crib mattress, you’re helping your child, your family and the environment – but you’re also giving the U.S. economy a boost!

Naturepedic Crib Mattresses Top the Awards List

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

Baby Body Guards recently reviewed our crib mattresses, along with researching other crib mattresses on the market, and found out
something I didn’t actually know – we have
received the most awards and endorsements of any child mattress company on the market! Read the review for more info on why the author decided on a Naturepedic crib mattress.

We knew we were good, but even we were impressed!

All kidding aside, the awards and endorsements mean a lot to us – it tells us we’re doing our job! Helping babies get a healthy start in life.

Thanks to Baby Body Guards for taking the time to write the review, and check out their site for a wealth of great information!

3 Ways to Eliminate Toxins in Your Baby’s Nursery

Monday, October 19th, 2009

yellow nurseryMany people are becoming aware of the dangers of toxic chemicals, which is one reason why Naturepedic crib mattresses are so popular. But there’s so much information out there, it’s sometimes hard to know how to get started on your quest to eliminate toxins from your baby’s nursery. Here are a few changes that will give you a good start.

Those few basic will give your baby a healthy environment, and a healthy start in life.

p.s. see more about the lovely nursery in the photo at Snugabub.

Crib Mattresses – Is It Okay To Use Old Ones?

Monday, October 12th, 2009

old mattressesI was recently reading some blogs online and saw a question about using old crib mattresses instead of getting a new one for an upcoming baby. The mattress they were considering using was actually 20 years old (although I don’t know how much it had been used during that time.)

I would suggest that using a 20-year-old mattress might not be the best idea. Perhaps if it had been stored in a dust-free environment – preserved, really – it would be okay. As long as it was scrupulously clean and dry when it was put in storage.

But what worries me is the materials used to make mattresses 20 years ago. I don’t know what precise laws regarding chemicals or heavy metals have changed during that time, but it’s not out of the question that some of the materials used to make crib mattresses 20 years ago are now recognized as toxic.

In any case, with a new baby you really just can’t be too careful when it comes to health and safety. What happens to them when they’re an infant and in their formative years will influence them for their entire lives. A healthy environment, with a brand new organic cotton crib mattress that is certified as safe is a good start.

Q & A: Creating a Toxin-Free Nursery – What’s After Getting an Organic Crib Mattress?

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Q: I am going to be a new mother in about two months. I am now the proud owner of a Naturepedic crib mattress, but I’m not sure what my next priority should be to make sure our nursery is free of toxins.

A: Congratulations on the soon-to-be new arrival! And on your new Naturepedic organic crib mattress. Your next step to creating a toxin-free nursery really depends on your current environment. If you have just installed new carpeting or just painted the nursery, your first priority right now would be opening windows and/or installing a heavy duty air purifier.

To hasten the off-gassing process, you can also ‘cure’ your nursery – to see exact steps, read the Curing a Sick House section in our recent blog.

You also want to make sure the baby’s bedding and clothes are free of toxic dyes and other chemicals. Organic cotton is your best bet. Fortunately, more and more stores are selling organic cotton clothing for babies so they shouldn’t be too hard to find. By the way, if you’re looking for info on natural products, check out Debra’s List. She’s the Queen of Green – knows just about everything.

I seem to be referencing materials from Debra Lynn Dadd quite frequently of late. No, she’s not paying me. But she does excellent research and has volumes of helpful info on living without harmful chemicals.

Also, it’s very important to make sure your cleaning products aren’t toxic. See our blog on non-toxic cleaning products for more info.

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Chemicals in Crib Mattresses to be Reviewed by EPA

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

epasealLate in September, Obama asked Congress to draft a tougher law to regulate chemicals. The current law, the Toxic Substances Control Act, is woefully inadequate: There are literally tens of thousands of chemicals being used that have never been tested and found safe. And some are in our children’s crib mattresses and other goods they come into contact with everyday.

What’s wrong with the current law? Just a couple of the highlights:

  • Chemical manufacturers are not required to give the EPA the information needed to determine whether a chemical is safe – the burden of proof is on the EPA.
  • Some health and safety information is suspected of being unjustifiably classified as Confidential Business Information (CBI) and is thereby protected from the pubic eye.

Read the principles congress was given as guidelines for the new law and you’ll get a good idea of why the current law doesn’t work well.

On an immediate basis the EPA will review six controversial chemicals, including phthalates. Three of the seven phthalates were recently banned in some children’s goods, including crib mattresses and some toys. We hope the remaining four will be included in the imminent review.

In case you don’t know, phthalates are chemicals used to make PVC/Vinyl more pliable so it can be used to make children’s toys, the waterproof covering on most crib mattresses, and many other goods.

Naturepedic mattresses do not contain phthalates–they never have and never will. Our waterproof covering is made from food-grade polyethylene.

The EPA is supposed to release their first plan of action to deal with these chemicals in December. We’ll keep you updated.