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Mom on a Mission

Winner - Mom on a Mission - 2010

In 2009, Healthy Child Healthy World created the Mom on a Mission Award. Every year they honor one special and inspiring American woman dedicated to creating healthier and happier environments for children and families. This year’s award could go to you, a friend, or someone in your family. Find out how.

What is Mom on a Mission all about?

Last year’s award went to Penelope Jagessar Chaffer, creator of the film “Toxic Baby”.

Here is the nomination letter from her husband.

“I would like to nominate my wife and mother of my son, Penelope Jagessar Chaffer. When she found out about the issue of environmental chemical pollution, she could have told no one and made changes in our own life. Or only tell our closest friends and family. My wife felt she had no choice but to share this information with anyone who would listen and as an award winning filmmaker, I knew she could do it. The only thing I hadn’t envisaged was how difficult it would be for her to do so.

“For years she worked on the film AND raised our son as a stay at home mom. Editing an entire film in our bedroom whilst looking after a toddler is no mean feat. Through the worldwide financial meltdown and moving house thousands of miles, she kept going and when it became clear that the last thing the world would do in the midst of such financial chaos, is fund an independent film that didn’t feature celebrities or cute animals, she convinced me to sell our home and use the funds to make the film.

“Then tragedy struck. At the end of last year, we became pregnant again after years of trying. The first scan revealed a defect in the baby’s bladder. The day before Christmas Eve of last year, my wife had the second scan to determine how bad the problem was. The scan revealed no heartbeat.

“Later she showed me the research that linked this birth defect, which is on the rise, to estrogenic chemicals in the womb. I know at her lowest point, she thought about giving up. Somehow she kept going. She didn’t start this because we had a child with cancer or autism, she just felt it was the right thing to do. She told me that she never thought we’d end up a statistic of childhood disease linked to chemical exposure. Could we all afford to wait until we all became a statistic? She said whatever it took she was going to do finish the film. And she did.”

Despite this tragedy, the story has a ending – another pregnancy, a new happy, healthy child, and a wonderful film that has helped and will continue to help and inspire people all over America and around the world to do the right thing.

Read the rest of Penelope’s story, see the film, and figure out if someone you know or know about should be nominated for the 2011 Mom on a Mission Award. Don’t delay – submission deadline is April 30, 2011.

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