Oscar Week: That’s a Wrap!

Who knew the mattress business could be so exciting? Yours truly spent the entire Oscar Week in Los Angeles attending five of the fanciest shindigs leading up to the big night. Why? Well, imagine Robin Leach saying, “What is the must have item for all of today’s Hollywood stars? A Naturepedic organic mattress.”

We all have our pros and cons about celebrities, but one thing is pretty consistent with them – they can often be ahead of the curve with new trends . . . especially when that trend is one that is good for their health and sleep.

Los Angeles Organic Mattress GalleryNaturepedic has just opened its first Naturepedic Organic Mattress Gallery in Los Angeles/Beverly Hills. After a decade of being the premier brand selling organic children’s mattresses, we are now making adult organic mattresses. Quite frankly, we had no choice but to start making them because it is what our wise consumers wanted. Whether it’s the parents that bought our children’s mattresses or other consumers that don’t want to sleep on flame retardants and questionable chemicals, we have answered the call of “Why aren’t you making luxury adult organic beds?”

Best of all, you don’t have to be a celebrity to afford your own adult organic bed. Imagine buying a certified organic mattress . . . with the best, premium materials . . . made in America by Amish craftsman . . . for less than what some of the other “TV commercial” brands are charging.

As soon as our new store opened, we had a natural synergy with consumers that are focusing on their health and the chemicals that are in consumer products. We sponsored the Environmental Media Awards and found like-minded people who understand the importance of a good night’s sleep. They understood that while sleeping, our immune systems shouldn’t be fighting off chemicals from the mattress.

TheWrapOscarPartySo, just like that, the Naturepedic team from Ohio, was suddenly hanging out with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. (We’re not going to lie . . . it’s exciting for us Midwesterners.) For Oscar week, we were a sponsor for The Wrap Oscar Party. We won’t name drop because we are well-mannered Ohio folk, but let’s just say there were close to 40 Oscar nominees at that one event . . . and we were texting and tweeting our friends all night long.

The Wrap party was special to us because we helped sponsor it – and all attendees walked away with one of our “gifts of sleep” – which we are proud to say have “jazzed up” the gift bags for attendees. Perhaps the most exciting thing was to actually have conversations with high profile people that care about these issues – and are going to use their platforms to help spread the word across the nation.

Imagine how refreshing it is to talk to a celebrity with seven million Twitter followers and to hear them say, “We really need to educate people about the chemicals they are sleeping on. ” Can I get “yes, yes” because they are preaching our truth! The movement away from harmful chemicals in our products is real. As a Nation, we are waking up and realizing it doesn’t have to be the way it is now. We may be new to celebrities, but we are not new to trying to educate the masses about improving their health.


Although The Wrap was special to us, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the other great parties that were equally important. Special thanks to James and Suzi Cameron and their Red Carpet Green Dress event, the folks at QVC for their jam-packed doing, Sony Pictures for their super-fancy dinner party, and The W Hotel for helping me cross the finish line on Oscar night. 


Now, as fun as all of this was, I am still thankful the Oscars are only once a year because this is not a schedule anyone would want to maintain for an extended period of time. Except maybe Charlie Sheen.

The clock has struck 12 and my chariot has turned back into a bail of organic cotton – with which we shall next make your dreams of a good sleep come true.

About the author

David Anthony
David Anthony

David Anthony is an environmental attorney by trade with 18-years of experience. He currently serves as Naturepedic's Director of Governmental and Corporate Affairs. In his position, Mr. Anthony is a jack-of-all trades for Naturepedic doing everything from participating in parenting conferences and workshops to lobbying the White House about safer chemicals. Mr. Anthony is a popular media personality having appeared on hundreds of shows. He was born and raised in Ohio but enjoys splitting time with his adopted home of California.