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Monday, March 24th, 2014

Mixing product reviews, social media and isn’t-that-adorable baby product browsing, is a new online portal where expectant and current parents or any other baby product shoppers can connect with others – and share the scoop on hot and not products.


Product reviews are made by consumers rather than professional reviewers, so readers get unbiased takes on products – if it’s good, you’re going to read about it from real users.  (We like that because parents love our products!)

While you can log on with an email address, weeSpring recommends signing in through Facebook so product recommendations from your friends will get top real estate in your viewing.  Additionally, you can Follow (and Unfollow) people on weeSpring to see what they think of the latest stroller, baby hat, or, ahem, certified organic crib mattress!

weeSpring founders Melissa Post, Allyson Downey and Jack Downey

weeSpring founders Melissa Post, Allyson Downey and Jack Downey

Click a virtual “checkmark” if you own an item and a virtual “pushpin” to bookmark it on your wishlist.  You can also create lists.  If you want to share your 10 Healthiest Baby Product picks with your friends, go to it.

Users browse categories with headings like Go, Eat, Sleep, Play and Clean.  Sponsored brand pages give additional information.  If you don’t see a product you love you can easily add it through a Suggest a Product link.

While the social aspect of weeSpring is a focus, you can create a “Secretly Expecting” profile to stay anonymous. If you’re more about getting seen, review enough stuff and get a Featured Parent ranking.

Visit Naturepedic at weeSpring at


ally+logan                            DSC_0081

Allyson and Melissa with their own little “weesprings”!


Courage in Journalism Award Winners Tell Their Stories

Friday, March 21st, 2014

In America, we tend to take our freedoms for granted. But the majority of those inhabiting planet Earth are still fighting for those freedoms, some with their lives, much the same as those who fought for freedom in America. The International Women’s Media Foundation’s (IWMF) Courage in Journalism Awards recently honored four extraordinary women who are engaged in that fight. At Naturepedic, that kind of integrity means a lot to us. We started this company to provide parents with organic and non-toxic waterproof mattresses, and we still hold ourselves to the same standards as we did originally. Our appreciation for those who focus on making the world a better place and who stand behind what they believe in led us to sponsor The Wrap’s Power Women Breakfast, which featured these four amazing Courage in Journalism Award winners, who shared their inspiring stories. We thought you might enjoy hearing a little about them.

  • Najiba-Ayubi-01Najiba Ayubi | 2013 Courage in Journalism Award – The Killid Group, Afghanistan. Threatened by the secret service and other sectors of her own government, defamed, hunted by gunmen who appear at her door, charged with false reporting, Afghan journalist Najiba Ayubi  has had countless sleepless nights in fear of the consequences when she publishes something controversial. Despite the dangers, Ms Aybui remains dedicated to communicating the truth about her country. “Throughout her career,” said the IWMF, “Ayubi has stood for journalism ethics and press freedom. She has dedicated herself to reporting on politics, human rights and corruption while challenging authorities and defending the value of independent journalism. “ Read more.


  • BophaPhornBopha Phorn | 2013 Courage in Journalism Award – The Cambodia Daily, Cambodia. Bopha reports on criminal activity, human rights abuses, land and environmental issues and government corruption. She is continually under threat and her life is continually in danger in a country with an unstable democracy where authoritarianism, censorship and physical attacks on journalists are on the rise. But she refuses to be intimidated. ‘If I stop being a journalist, I stop breathing’.  Read more.


  • Kelze002Nour Kelze | 2013 Courage in Journalism Award – Reuters, Syria. At 25 years old, this former school teacher now spends her days (and nights) dodging sniper fire and shells dropped by aircraft. Her many near-death experiences are nothing unusual for journalists in Syria, the ‘deadliest’ country for press. The government has no qualms about murder or torture. Many journalists have left the country, but Nour is still there, still determined. Read more.


  • machirori001Edna Machirori | 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award – For 50 years Machirori has refused to comply with the norm in her country – the docile and silent woman. Instead, she has diligently reported the news and fought for a free press, while also championing the rights of other women to follow in her footsteps. She fearlessly paved the way for female journalists, many of whom credit her with their success.  “Her story is one of courage, resilience and success,” said one of her colleagues. “She has shown extraordinary strength and character where many of her male counterparts have allowed themselves to become instruments of those in power.”  Read more.

Congratulations to these remarkable women. We applaud you for your integrity and are honored to have contributed to letting the world hear your stories.

Naturepedic Goes to Washington for TSCA Reform

Thursday, March 20th, 2014


The energy is building to remove harmful chemicals from everyday products, and last week you showed your enthusiasm.

On Wednesday, March 12, Naturepedic founder Barry A. Cik testified before a Congressional subcommittee in Washington, D.C. The hearing concerned potential reform to the outdated and ineffective Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA), originally created to regulate chemicals for consumer products.

At the hearing were key House representatives making up the Subcommittee on Environment and the Economy. This was a powerful audience who can seriously promote, or hinder, needed chemical reform. The hearing specifically examined Chairman John Shimkus’ proposed Chemicals in Commerce Act (CICA).

Barry spoke ardently on behalf of Naturepedic as well as the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) and its advocacy campaign the Companies for Safer Chemicals coalition. Urging greater transparency for chemical use and the ability for government to actually remove toxic chemicals from products, Barry told how chemicals are largely unregulated today. His testimony asked lawmakers to particularly consider implications for children.

Throughout the hearing, you lit up the social media world with your comments and support, with many of you retweeting our updates with hashtags #KickTSCA and #RealReform. We could feel the momentum!

We know Barry made a positive impact and were proud to watch him vocally stand behind our beliefs in front of key legislators. We hope legislators will move forward and do the right thing in better protecting the health of our families.

The discussion and dynamism from you, however, shows you are ready for change and transparency regarding chemicals.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who wished us support and encouragement! We appreciate it deeply, and promise to continue working to earn and keep your trust.


See Barry Cik, founder of Naturepedic, passionately fight for you and your family: mins. 29:20 – 35:50

Don’t let the momentum stop now! Tell your congressperson you demand real TSCA reform.     Click here to sign an online letter from Safer Chemicals Healthy Families.


The Naturepedic Factory – What’s that fresh smell?

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014


During my first visit to the Naturepedic mattress factory, something struck me.

The smell. The factory smelled fresh. As strange as this will sound, I thought it smelled … good.  

I’ve been in many factories, and good smelling is generally not a characteristic I’ve noticed.  Bakeries? They smell good.  Factories? Not so much.

Honestly, I first noticed the lack of expected smells.  Where was the combination chemical/solvent/adhesive/plastic smell I associate with factories?  Not there. 686A9951I knew in advance the entire factory was certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), but I still had an expectation of, well, a more industrial smell.  The lack of a heavy synthetic odor caught me off guard,  but in a good way.

Adding to my sense of surprise were the sounds, or, again, lack of. There was a LOT of activity, but the factory wasn’t loud.IMG_9378 All around was a beehive of productivity, with people hand-stitching at sergers, cutting organic cotton with large hand shears, and more.  Sure, there was noise, but this was the whirr of craftsmen, not giant machinery.  

The entire place is quieter than my house when my three sons are playing or arguing. It was after becoming comfortable with the lack of expected factory sounds and smells that I began to notice the subtle, underlying smell that IS there.


Walking past giant rolls of super soft organic cotton, a type of earthy freshness sneaked up on me.  While not strong, cotton, like almost any agriculturally grown product, has its own smell.

More noticeable was the smell of organic wool, a healthy outdoorsy smell.  The smell of wool in bulk might surprise factory visitors born and raised in a city.  

It is simply not a city smell. Mingled with these smells is the scent of the pine wood used in the mattress framings to create an overall freshness of scent.  


Our organic Naturepedic life size mascot - he might not be real, but he doesn't make a mess, either

Our organic life size sheep mascot – he might not be real, but he doesn’t make a mess, either

I almost said “farm fresh”, but I grew up around farms, and they have a different type of fresh smell, particularly in regards to cows and pigs.  There was none of that fresh scent here. Walking through the Naturepedic factory, you know there is something special going on.  You can sense it.  You can see it.  You can hear it.

You can smell it.


Greenwashing, Mattresses and Rutabagas

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

Consumers are hit with “green” claims everywhere.  An organic rutabaga, or a cup of Costa Rican coffee supporting sustainable business practices, or a “natural” face lotion, or a green … fill in the blank.

Sometimes the message is sincere.  That rutabaga may have been grown without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.

Sometimes, not.  That “natural” face lotion may be made with synthetics and chemical additives.

Sneaky Dairies. The Babcock bottle was invented in 1890 by Professor Stephen M. Babcock to measure fat content in milk after unscrupulous dairies began watering their milk down, thus making more money per gallon than honest companies providing honest products.  I wonder if they called it milk washing?

Sneaky Dairies. The Babcock bottle was invented in 1890 by Professor Stephen M. Babcock to measure fat content in milk after unscrupulous dairies began watering their milk down, thus making more money per gallon than honest companies providing honest products. I wonder if they called it milk washing?

To be organic, sustainable, green or eco-friendly in any industry (and those labels mean very, very different things to different people) takes commitment, veracity, diligence, and more commitment.  If a company isn’t committed, they may find it easier to market themselves with words to convince you they are “green” (when they really aren’t).

Greenwashing, or marketing a product as natural or green when it isn’t, is bothersome to legitimate businesses like ours.  Companies, though, have always tried to take sneaky shortcuts.

For consumers, however, greenwashing is confusing, obnoxious and frankly unfair.

We want to help you better navigate the dubious “green” and “eco” marketing waters out there.  To that end, we’re dedicating some blog posts to shine a light on greenwashing and other shadowy marketing practices.

We’ll kick it off next Tuesday with soybean foam.

Until then, here’s a link to some great recipes from Boston Organics for that organic rutabaga of yours.


Oscar Week: That’s a Wrap!

Friday, March 14th, 2014

Who knew the mattress business could be so exciting? Yours truly spent the entire Oscar Week in Los Angeles attending five of the fanciest shindigs leading up to the big night. Why? Well, imagine Robin Leach saying, “What is the must have item for all of today’s Hollywood stars? A Naturepedic organic mattress.”

We all have our pros and cons about celebrities, but one thing is pretty consistent with them – they can often be ahead of the curve with new trends . . . especially when that trend is one that is good for their health and sleep.
Los Angeles Organic Mattress GalleryNaturepedic has just opened its first Naturepedic Organic Mattress Gallery in Los Angeles/Beverly Hills. After a decade of being the premier brand selling organic children’s mattresses, we are now making adult organic mattresses. Quite frankly, we had no choice but to start making them because it is what our wise consumers wanted. Whether it’s the parents that bought our children’s mattresses or other consumers that don’t want to sleep on flame retardants and questionable chemicals, we have answered the call of “Why aren’t you making luxury adult organic beds?”

Best of all, you don’t have to be a celebrity to afford your own adult organic bed. Imagine buying a certified organic mattress . . . with the best, premium materials . . . made in America by Amish craftsman . . . for less than what some of the other “TV commercial” brands are charging.

As soon as our new store opened, we had a natural synergy with consumers that are focusing on their health and the chemicals that are in consumer products. We sponsored the Environmental Media Awards and found like-minded people who understand the importance of a good night’s sleep. They understood that while sleeping, our immune systems shouldn’t be fighting off chemicals from the mattress.

TheWrapOscarPartySo, just like that, the Naturepedic team from Ohio, was suddenly hanging out with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. (We’re not going to lie . . . it’s exciting for us Midwesterners.) For Oscar week, we were a sponsor for The Wrap Oscar Party. We won’t name drop because we are well-mannered Ohio folk, but let’s just say there were close to 40 Oscar nominees at that one event . . . and we were texting and tweeting our friends all night long.

The Wrap party was special to us because we helped sponsor it – and all attendees walked away with one of our “gifts of sleep” – which we are proud to say have “jazzed up” the gift bags for attendees. Perhaps the most exciting thing was to actually have conversations with high profile people that care about these issues – and are going to use their platforms to help spread the word across the nation.

Imagine how refreshing it is to talk to a celebrity with seven million Twitter followers and to hear them say, “We really need to educate people about the chemicals they are sleeping on. ” Can I get “yes, yes” because they are preaching our truth! The movement away from harmful chemicals in our products is real. As a Nation, we are waking up and realizing it doesn’t have to be the way it is now. We may be new to celebrities, but we are not new to trying to educate the masses about improving their health.

RedCarpetGreenDressAlthough The Wrap was special to us, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the other great parties that were equally important. Special thanks to James and Suzi Cameron and their Red Carpet Green Dress event, the folks at QVC for their jam-packed doing, Sony Pictures for their super-fancy dinner party, and The W Hotel for helping me cross the finish line on Oscar night. QVCParty

Now, as fun as all of this was, I am still thankful the Oscars are only once a year because this is not a schedule anyone would want to maintain for an extended period of time. Except maybe Charlie Sheen.
The clock has struck 12 and my chariot has turned back into a bail of organic cotton – with which we shall next make your dreams of a good sleep come true.

Chemicals in Commerce Act | Live Stream 03.12.14

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

Chemicals in Commerce Act
Wednesday, March 12, 2014 – 10:00am
Hearing Information

Testimonial to include witness, Barry Cik, founder of Naturepedic, on behalf of the Companies for Safer Chemicals.

Not Working? Click this WEBCAST Video Link

Natural Products Expo Explosion

Monday, March 10th, 2014
Naturepedic Organic Mattress Gallery of Los Angeles attended the 2014 Natural Product Expo

Naturepedic Organic Mattress Gallery of Los Angeles attended the 2014 Natural Product Expo

The Natural Products Expo West “exploded” with vendors and attendees this year. I have been telling people for years that the movement toward organic products . . . and healthier products . . . and products abandoning harmful chemicals is real . . . and now, the proof is in the numbers.


Great to see our friend, Jessica Alba, of The Honest Company, at the 2014 Natural Products Expo

A record 68,000 attendees visited with over 3,000 natural product vendors at the Anaheim Convention Center. The event was so big, I wouldn’t have been surprised to see Mickey Mouse and his friends skip out on their park to see what the commotion was. Every product you can imagine was represented and the scope of the vendors demonstrated that consumers do care about these issues in every facet of their life. This isn’t just about organic potato chips anymore – this is about beauty products, baby products, every food and drink imaginable, and just about every other consumer product in your house.

At Naturepedic, we make certified organic adult and children’s mattresses . . . and all kinds of other good stuff . . . so needless to say, this is our kind of party. When I witness an explosion of interest like this, I can’t help but thank the internet for its role. If there wasn’t social media and the ability for people to research these issues and find great products, the boom would have taken decades. Now, smart consumers that know to get away from harmful chemicals can read up on the science and search out the products they desire.

The internet has turned what “used to be accepted” onto its head. Consumers are singing Twisted Sister’s “We’re not going to take it anymore!” and driving innovation and new products with their purchasing dollar. There wouldn’t be 68,000 buyers, shoppers and retailers looking for the latest organic and natural product if their customers weren’t demanding it.

The explosion and energy is fun . . . but don’t forget your friends at Naturepedic were at the dance a long, long time ago. And as always, we have saved a dance for you and can’t wait to chat about all of our products with you.

We’re One Step Closer to a New Safe Chemicals Act that Really Protects Us

Saturday, August 18th, 2012

The United States Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works recently approved the Safe Chemicals Act – which requires, among other things, that chemical manufacturers test their products for safety before they’re used commercially. This bill is the update of the Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976. It was first proposed in 2005 and, although it still has to get through Senate and the House of Representatives, the Committee on Environment and Public Works approval gets it one step closer to becoming law.

Why is this such an important issue from Naturepedic’s viewpoint? Because we’re all about protecting children – that’s why we started making organic crib mattresses in the first place – and that’s exactly what this law will do. Of course, it’s important to protect everyone from potentially toxic chemicals, but infants have almost zero defense. They are totally dependant on us to keep them safe.

If you’re not very educated on this subject and would like to be, here are a few references that are fairly brief:

Senator Frank Lautenberg made an video about it, which is posted on youtube: Lautenberg Introduces “Safe Chemicals Act of 2011.”

There’s an excellent article in Huffington Post, Safe Chemicals Act Could Reverse Burden Of Proof For Toxic Chemicals, Protect Children. Here’s a quote: “The numbers can overwhelm any parent, or parent-to-be. Ninety-nine percent of pregnant American woman carry multiple manmade chemicals in their bodies, sharing that concoction through the umbilical cord.”

Another great video on Health Child Healthy World.

We’ve also written several blogs on the subject.

Even though getting the Act through the Committee on Environment and Public works did get us a step closer, it’s important that everyone who cares about this issue works on their Congressman/woman. Let them know how important it is to you to get this bill through all the way. The chemical industry has invested more than $10 million in opposing this bill and they’re not going to stop now. So, every voice is needed.

Help protect children, yourself and the environment: Contact your congressmen to ask for their support.

Finally! Naturepedic Mattresses for Adults!

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

We’ve finally answered the prayers of many parents who have purchased our crib mattresses for their children – we now have a line of adult mattresses, with all the luxurious comfort an adult needs.

There are four different models: Serenade, Ensemble, Concerto, and Symphony. Go to the organic mattresses for adults page on our site for full information on each model and a chart that helps you compare the features.

In addition to organic cotton, some models contain latex and/or wool. Three of the four models also have customizable firmness, and three have Eurotops. Plenty of options – we hope you can find one that’s just right for you.

Just a note on the wool and latex: As you know, we don’t use latex or wool in our crib mattresses or others used for kids. That’s because they are potential allergens and you never know how they’re going to affect an infant or child. However, by the time you’re reached adulthood, you’ve probably had enough contact with latex and wool to know whether they’re a problem for you. If they are, you would, of course, choose our model that contains only organic cotton.

As with all our other mattresses, our adult organic mattresses are organic – including the wool and latex – with all the certifications you need: Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), GREENGUARD (certified to the highest level), and Level III under the Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) Environmental & Safety Program. In fact, we’re the only company offering mattresses that are documented as Level III.

And we think these mattresses are pretty nice looking – see the picture above.

Check out our website for more info, and give us a call directly at 800-917-3342 if you have questions.

Sweet dreams!