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Non-Toxic Children’s Gifts for the Holiday Season

Sunday, December 20th, 2009

natural doll

No matter what your religion or culture, there’s a good chance you’re going to be doing some gift-giving this holiday season, even if it’s only to children. A lot of the big toy stores have an eco-friendly toys collection, but there are plenty of online possibilities as well.

Either way you go, if you’ve gone to the trouble of getting or even considering an organic crib mattress, you probably want to make sure your child is also playing with safe toys. So, what can you give a child that will be safe and fun? Here’s a brief list of possibilities:

  • Remember when trains were made of wood? You might think your kids want the big electric version but, really, kids still like making things move with their hands. A lot of wooden train sets are also built to be easily constructed by kids. What kid doesn’t want to build their own railroad? (Okay, I confess, I want to build one, too.) Have a look at these wooden trains to get an idea of what’s available.
  • Dolls and dollhouses are another great option. And if you want to teach your child how to live with environmentally sound materials and practices, you can even buy eco-friendly dollhouses. Here’s a luxury natural dollhouse that includes a wind turbine and solar cell panel, recycle bins and a rain barrel for collecting rain.
  • Online stores sell everything from non-toxic dump trucks to tea sets, and just about everything in between. For a list of websites that sell natural and environmentally safe toys, check out the sites on Debra’s List. Eco-Mall and Our Green House also has a great toy selection.

We aren’t familiar with everything on these sites so we can’t make any guarantees, but they’re a good place to start.

Organic and environmentally-safe toys also tend to last longer than the usual fare, so you can pass them on to other children. And there’s nothing quite like knowing you’re doing the best for your kids.

Happy hunting, and happy holidays!

p.s. the photo is Nicki Baby Waldorf Toy from Three Sisters Toys. We found the store on Debra’s List.