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Are You Going to be a Mom Soon? Protect Your Baby’s Health by Making Changes Now.

Monday, September 20th, 2010

It used to be a usual thing that soon-to-be moms would quit drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. A wise choice. But these days we have much more to worry about in terms of toxins. In fact, study after study has shown traces of toxic chemicals in breast milk and the blood and urine of pregnant moms. And we now know that these chemicals transfer to the baby. What can you do to protect your child from the chemical onslaught?

In addition to getting your baby a crib, crib mattress, changing pad, clothing, linens and food that is free of toxic chemicals, it’s time to change other things in your household to help you stop accumulating toxins in your own body. Here’s a list of simple things you can do to remove general toxins from your environment.

Get rid of your PVC vinyl shower curtain. These shower curtains off-gas toxic chemicals. Instead, switch to cotton or hemp. They work just as well, although you do have to make sure the ventilation is good and they are washed frequently. You could also consider a glass shower door. They’re relatively easy to install and cost less than $100.

Start eating organic fruits and vegetables and meat from animals fed the way they used to be before commercial feeds became popular. For beef and lamb, for example, that was grass. Also, make sure they haven’t been fed antibiotics or hormones. Those substances go straight into your body, and into your baby’s.

Change your cleaning products to something non-toxic or, better still, use old-fashioned remedies like baking soda and vinegar. In fact, you could pretty much clean your whole house with just these two products. Whatever products you choose, make sure they do not contain fragrance. Synthetic fragrances are high on the list of toxic chemicals.

Do the same with your personal care products and cosmetics. A lot of chemicals are absorbed through the skin.

If you’re not yet pregnant, but there’s a chance you might become pregnant, all the same things apply for your husband. His body influences the baby’s, too.

Make sure your indoor air is clean by removing toxic chemicals from the household and using an air purifier. Did you know that indoor air is more polluted than outdoor? You can change that.

Remember, whatever’s in your body might pass through to the baby. If you would like more information on that, watch 10 Americans, a very interesting video about a study conducted by the Environmental Working Group.

These few changes will help protect your baby, and you. It can take a while to get toxins out of your body so whether you’re planning on motherhood in the near future or far, now is a good time to start.

Have Your Baby or Child Items Been Recalled for Safety Reasons?

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

Find out about Consumer Product Safety Commission recalls on infant and child products

Find out about Consumer Product Safety Commission recalls on infant and child products

The Babies”R”Us second Great Trade-In Event, the first was in August/September 2009, gives parents the opportunity to get a 25% discount on replacing several types of baby items – cribs, car seats, bassinets, strollers, travel systems, playards, toddler beds or high chairs – that may no longer be safe for your child.

You just take your products into your local Babies”R”Us or Toys”R”Us store and purchase new ones from participating manufacturers at the discounted price. Your products don’t have to have been recalled, and you don’t have to provide proof that your product is faulty.

However, there are probably millions of parents out there who are unaware of the fact that items they’re using may have been recalled.

How can you find out if a baby or child’s product you’re using is potentially dangerous? The Consumer Product Safety Commission has a comprehensive list of infant and child product recalls that provides all the details of each recall, including what to do about replacing the faulty items or parts.

Unfortunately, crib mattresses are not included in the types of items that can be traded in, but if you’re looking for information on what makes a crib mattress safe, you can find it on our site.

Crib Mattress Researchers Switch to Non-Toxic Brands

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009


I recently discovered an article on Babble about chemicals in mattresses. The article was a response to a concerned parent’s question about the safety of crib mattresses made with chemicals. She had even heard those chemicals could be connected to SIDS! Confused about the issues, she wanted advice – what’s the truth, what is a safe crib mattress, and could she afford one on her tight budget?


The authors of the article researched the subject and concluded that “Studies have shown that these chemicals can leach into the environment and have been linked with health problems. You may have read the recent news story about toxic chemicals found in children’s bodies; mattresses are one of many possible sources.”


The authors offer a lot of information about the chemicals in mattresses and their effects. It’s well worth reading. Check it out at Full of Hot Air? The Inconvenient Truth about Mattress Off-Gasing.


They also link to Naturepedic organic crib mattresses as a safe, affordable option.


The authors were concerned about the problem, but said they want to avoid “going crazy in search of total purification.” Nevertheless, they both ordered natural mattresses while they were doing the research for the article. Read Full of Hot Air? The Inconvenient Truth about Mattress Off-Gasing for more info.