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You Have a New Organic Crib Mattress – But How Do You Get Your Baby to Sleep?

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

living_sleeping_babyPeople have come up with literally hundreds of ideas on how to get babies to sleep through the night. Everything from teddy bears that breathe and vibrators that make a crib feel like a moving car to just letting the baby “cry it out.”

Some experts feel that these techniques – called ‘sleep trainers’ – actually undermine your relationship with your child and prevent you from understanding what’s really going on with them. If a baby is crying, for example, it could be because he’s hungry, needs changing or something’s too tight. Or, he’s frightened. Maybe he has nothing to be frightened about, but that doesn’t mean he’s not frightened. Or he might be lonely.

He might even be reacting to something in his environment (an allergy to the latex in his crib mattress, new paint or carpeting that’s off-gassing), or a sense of turbulence in the home.

He could also have a medical condition that hasn’t yet been diagnosed.

Whatever the case, the question remains – do you want your baby to get used to turning to a ‘sleep trainer’ machine when he’s hungry, lonely or in pain? Or do you want to learn about and understand the problems your child is having and show him he can trust you to do so and help him through it?

No question there, really. All parents want that with their child.

That said, how do you get some sleep??!!! Read 31 Ways To Get Your Baby To Go To Sleep and Stay Asleep Easier for some great ideas.