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Take Advantage of Babies”R”Us Great Trade-In Event to Protect Your Children

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Babies"R"Us Great Trade-In Event - Be Safe and Save

Babies"R"Us Great Trade-In Event - Be Safe and Save

Today marks the first day of Babies”R”Us The Great Trade-In event. You can return as many qualifying items as you want and replace them with new items from participating manufacturers or brands. This gives consumers a break on replacing recalled items or older and used baby items that are “potentially unsafe for a variety of reasons, including damage or lack of compliance with recent advances in product safety standards.”

We contacted Babies”R”Us to find out if the event includes crib mattresses – there has never been a recall on waterproof crib mattresses containing phthalates, for example. Unfortunately, crib mattresses are not on the list: a sure sign that awareness of unsafe chemicals and consumer demand for safer materials needs a boost.

That said, the safety issues regarding the trade-in are vital to resolve. The majority of recalls were for things like crib sides that could fall off because they aren’t properly secured, platforms for mattress that don’t allow the mattress to be lowered to the necessary extent (the baby could fall out of the crib), car seats with bases that ‘fail’ if there’s a collision so the baby isn’t protected, strollers with failing brakes or that kids can easily fall out of, or that amputate fingertips.

So, while you generally don’t have the opportunity to return items that contain potentially hazardous or toxic materials, you do have the opportunity to return a long list of items – cribs, car seats, bassinets, strollers, travel systems, play yards, toddler beds or high chairs – even those that haven’t been recalled, and get new ones at a 25% discount. Any parent concerned about the safety of their children will want to take advantage of this deal.

It’s much easier than replacing faulty parts or waiting for a recalled item to be replaced by the manufacturer (it obviously can’t be used while it’s being fixed). And it’s much safer than continuing to use an older product that may be damaged or not meet current safety standards.

To find out about participating manufacturers and other details, check out The Great Trade-In Event. It ends on February 20th – so don’t delay.