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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the layer swap program work?
How are layer swap shipping costs calculated?
How long will it take to receive my order?
If I am past the 90 day free layer swap window, what are my options?
What do you do with returned layers?
What if I purchase my EOS from another retailer. Can I still layer swap?

How is the EOS mattress shipped?
Will the mattress arrive in one piece or will I need to assemble the layers?
What do I do if the mattress or foundation has shipping damage when delivered?

What are split layers?
How do I know what kind of support I need?
Are microcoils as comfortable as latex for the comfort layer?

Why does Naturepedic recommend encased coils for the support layer as opposed to all-latex designs?
What's so special about the coils used in the EOS?
How is latex made, and what's the difference between dunlop and talalay?
What's the difference between natural latex and certified organic latex?
How does motion transfer in the EOS compare to other mattresses?
Does the EOS have a chemical smell like most foam mattresses?
Does the EOS sleep hot and sweaty like most foam mattresses?
How is the EOS mattress so affordable? Aren't organic mattresses expensive?
What does "certified organic" really mean when it comes to mattresses?
Do I need a new foundation or can I use my existing box spring?
What are the care instructions for the EOS mattress?
What are the main points of the warranty?
What is your return policy?