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 Assembly Instructions - Latex Support   (Click Here for coil support)

The EOS Organic Mattress ships in 4 boxes for twin, twinXL and full, and 7 boxes for queen, king and calking. The mattress encasement, as well as each layer, comes in its own respective box. This allows for convenient shipping and easy layer swaps.

It is recommended to have two people for assembly, but it's possible for one person to manage. It typically takes about 15 minutes for a two-person team. Assembling the mattress yourself will also familiarize you with the layers so you can swap more efficiently if needed. If you would like your mattress setup for you, please select "In-Home Delivery" during checkout.

Step 1: Mattress Encasement
Unpack the mattress encasement and lay across the foundation or platform bed. The mattress should lay on a flat surface or on slats no more than 1.5" apart. Roll up the quilt towards the back of the mattress to allow the components to easily slide in.

Step 2: Bottom/Support Layer
The latex support layers are vertically split into two 4" pieces. For queen, king and calking sizes, they are split horizontally as well. This means that a queen mattress, for example, requires four 4" pieces for the support layer (plus two 3" pieces for comfort).

Begin by unpacking the layers and placing them inside the mattress encasement. For split support configurations (i.e. if you ordered different firmness levels for the left and right side of the bed), configure each side as intended. For firm support, all pieces should be firm latex. For plush support, all pieces should be medium latex.

Align the edges of the latex pieces with the bottom seam of the mattress encasement. It should be a snug fit, so don't be afraid to push and pull until everything is lined up. Failure to properly line up the latex may lead to a deformed looking mattress.

Step 3: Top/Comfort Layer
Unpack the top comfort layer(s) and place over the support layer. For split configurations, place each layer on the side you intended for that layer. Press the comfort layers to fit fully inside the encasement while lining up the edges nicely over the support layer.

Step 4: Zip Quilt
Unroll and spread the quilt out over the comfort layers. The encasement has dual zipper pulls that meet in the middle for easy access and assembly. Pull the two sides of the zipper together so they are lined up straight. This will help relieve stress from the zipper so it can zip more smoothly. While zipping up the quilt, be careful not to get anything caught in the zipper. It may be helpful to use one hand ahead of the zipper with gentle downward pressure on the inner materials to keep them out of the way.

Step 5: Sleep Like A Baby
Congratulations, you're done!