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comfort level
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Naturepedic Comfort Levels
  • Level I: Firm
  • Level II: Cushion-Firm
  • Level III: Plush

For the majority of people, cushion-firm is generally best, as most people prefer their mattress on the firmer side with some plushness. There are those, of course, who like to feel like they're sleeping on a cloud. It's largely a matter of preference, but your height, weight and primary sleeping position all play a part.

For example, heavier people generally require more support and should probably choose a firmer mattress. Lighter weight people, as well as taller people (whose weight is more distributed) can veer toward a plush if a softer feel is preferred. As a general rule, persons who weigh 180 lbs or more should trend toward a cushion-firm. The surface comfort is the same regardless of your selection. The difference lies in the deeper layers that support your weight.

The Naturepedic comfort levels have been designed with the help of two expert chiropractors with the shared goal of proper spinal alignment. Based on your body dimensions and sleeping style, select an appropriate firmness that you feel is best for you and your sleep partner. If you would like a mattress that is extra-firm or ultra-plush, or even a split firmness mattress so you and your sleep partner can have different firmness levels, please contact us and we will be happy to customize a mattress for your needs.