Naturepedic offers two main types of support - Innerspring and Wavesupport™. Both are designed to be firm and durable.

  Innerspring's are made from solid steel and have been around for generations. They have been proven to last and do their jobs. The only downside to innersprings is the added weight. If you don't mind a few extra pounds, they make an excellent choice.

Available SKUs:
MC40: Organic Cotton Ultra 252 Coil - $359
MC41: Organic Cotton Ultra 252 Coil Seamless - $359
MC42: Organic Cotton Ultra 252 Coil Seamless 2-Stage - $399
MC45: Organic Cotton Ultra 252 Coil 2 in 1 - $399
  Wavesupport Technology™ is an exclusive Naturepedic innovation designed to provide exceptional support with about half the weight of an innerspring mattress (11 lbs instead of 22 lbs on average). Wavesupport is made from pure food grade polyethylene and makes changing sheets a breeze! Unlike most lightweight mattresses on the market, Wavesupport contains no polyurethane foam!

Available SKUs:
MC44: Lightweight Organic Cotton Ultra 2-Stage - $329