Back to School Supplies without PVC?

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Back to School Supplies without PVC?

You've been working hard to keep your child healthy - maybe they've even slept on a Naturepedic organic cotton crib mattress! Now it's time for school, and you're faced with PVC-laden school supplies. Everything from pretty pink backpacks with images of their favorite characters to Spidey lunchboxes and modeling clay. Chances are they're made with PVC or PVC/vinyl - one of the very things you've been trying to avoid!

To help you keep up all the good work you’ve been doing to keep your kids safe, the Center for Health, Environment and Justice (CHEJ) has just released a new handy wallet guide (although you have to fold it quite a bit to fit it into your wallet) listing the types of back-to-school supplies that are likely to contain PVC.

Even better, the CHEJ took things a step further and also made us a great list of PVC-free school supplies. It contains just about everything - pens and pencils, binders, lunch bags, food wraps, and a lot more. Even cell phones, computer monitors, rain gear and sneakers.

The CHEJ is also a great resource for information on PVC and other toxins that may be harming our environment and our health. Check them out.

11 years ago

Back to School Supplies without PVC?

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