3 Ways to Eliminate Toxins in Your Baby’s Nursery

yellow nurseryMany people are becoming aware of the dangers of toxic chemicals, which is one reason why Naturepedic crib mattresses are so popular. But there’s so much information out there, it’s sometimes hard to know how to get started on your quest to eliminate toxins from your baby’s nursery. Here are a few changes that will give you a good start.

– Change your household cleaning products to something non-toxic. See our blog Cleaning Products for the Non-Toxic Nursery for more info.

– Make sure the paints, carpets and other materials in the room won’t off-gass. See our post An Organic Crib Mattress is Great – But What About the Nursery Walls and Floors for exact details on how to do that in a day or two (or maybe three or four – but not long.)

– Filter your air. No matter how chemical-free your baby’s nursery is, there’s no way you’re going to keep the outside air where it belongs. A good filter system will help keep inside air clean.

Those few basic will give your baby a healthy environment, and a healthy start in life.

p.s. see more about the lovely nursery in the photo at Snugabub.

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Gloria is passionate about getting down to the bottom of things – especially where personal health and the environment are concerned. After helping to build and acting as administrator of a Canadian medical center specializing in nutritional biochemistry, Gloria came to the U.S. where she has consulted for hundreds of natural healthcare private practices nationwide. Over the last decade, Gloria has focused her attention researching and writing on the real causes of declining health, disease prevention, and solutions that isolate and treat the cause of disease rather than the symptoms.

Gloria is dedicated to Naturepedic—loves the products, and the role the company has taken as a leader in helping to create a non-toxic, safe environment.