Is Your Baby Absorbing Chemicals From Skin Care Products?

baby-in-bath1We’re not in the skin care business at Naturepedic but we do care about babies being exposed to chemicals – which is why we get our crib mattresses certified by GREENGUARD and by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). We also like to pass any information along that might help prevent babies from being exposed to potentially harmful chemicals. Along that line, I recently came across some startling information about absorbing chemicals through the skin: Did you know that women absorb five pounds of chemicals through their skin, into their body, from their cosmetics and skin care products alone – every year?

Obviously, women use a lot of things babies don’t – makeup, for example – but, still, babies are exposed to soaps, shampoos, sometimes dry skin lotions, salves and lotions for diaper rash, powders, diaper wipes, and so on. When you take a look at it, it’s a pretty long list. And many of these products, even the mild ones made for babies, have chemicals in them you really don’t want in your baby.

In fact, you don’t even want most of them on your baby’s skin. The skin is designed to protect the rest of the body from bacteria, chemicals – anything outside the body that could harm internal organs. But the chemicals in many skin care products tend to strip the skin of its natural protective oils, the skin gets dry and develops tiny, almost invisible, cracks, and there goes your protection.

Finding soaps, shampoos and skin care products that don’t contain harmful chemicals is just one more step you can take to give your baby a healthy start in life.

About the author


Gloria is passionate about getting down to the bottom of things – especially where personal health and the environment are concerned. After helping to build and acting as administrator of a Canadian medical center specializing in nutritional biochemistry, Gloria came to the U.S. where she has consulted for hundreds of natural healthcare private practices nationwide. Over the last decade, Gloria has focused her attention researching and writing on the real causes of declining health, disease prevention, and solutions that isolate and treat the cause of disease rather than the symptoms.

Gloria is dedicated to Naturepedic—loves the products, and the role the company has taken as a leader in helping to create a non-toxic, safe environment.