Naturepedic Crib Mattresses Top the Awards List

baby-logoBaby Body Guards recently reviewed our crib mattresses, along with researching other crib mattresses on the market, and found out something I didn’t actually know – we have received the most awards and endorsements of any child mattress company on the market! Read the review for more info on why the author decided on a Naturepedic crib mattress.

We knew we were good, but even we were impressed!

All kidding aside, the awards and endorsements mean a lot to us – it tells us we’re doing our job! Helping babies get a healthy start in life.

Thanks to Baby Body Guards for taking the time to write the review, and check out their site for a wealth of great information!

About the author


Gloria is passionate about getting down to the bottom of things – especially where personal health and the environment are concerned. After helping to build and acting as administrator of a Canadian medical center specializing in nutritional biochemistry, Gloria came to the U.S. where she has consulted for hundreds of natural healthcare private practices nationwide. Over the last decade, Gloria has focused her attention researching and writing on the real causes of declining health, disease prevention, and solutions that isolate and treat the cause of disease rather than the symptoms.

Gloria is dedicated to Naturepedic—loves the products, and the role the company has taken as a leader in helping to create a non-toxic, safe environment.