One Step Closer to a New Safe Chemicals Act

By Naturepedic Team
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One Step Closer to a New Safe Chemicals Act

The United States Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works recently approved the Safe Chemicals Act – which requires, among other things, that chemical manufacturers test their products for safety before they’re used commercially. This bill is the update of the Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976. It was first proposed in 2005 and, although it still has to get through Senate and the House of Representatives, the Committee on Environment and Public Works approval gets it one step closer to becoming law.

Why is this such an important issue from Naturepedic’s viewpoint? Because we’re all about protecting children – that’s why we started making organic crib mattresses in the first place – and that’s exactly what this law will do. Of course, it’s important to protect everyone from potentially toxic chemicals, but infants have almost zero defense. They are totally dependent on us to keep them safe.

If you’re not very educated on this subject and would like to be, here are a few references that are fairly brief:

Senator Frank Lautenberg made an video about it, which is posted on Youtube: Lautenberg Introduces “Safe Chemicals Act of 2011.”

There’s an excellent article in Huffington Post, Safe Chemicals Act Could Reverse Burden Of Proof For Toxic Chemicals, Protect Children. Here’s a quote: “The numbers can overwhelm any parent, or parent-to-be. Ninety-nine percent of pregnant American woman carry multiple man-made chemicals in their bodies, sharing that concoction through the umbilical cord.”

Another great video on Health Child Healthy World.

We’ve also written several blogs on the subject.

Even though getting the Act through the Committee on Environment and Public works did get us a step closer, it’s important that everyone who cares about this issue works on their Congressman/woman. Let them know how important it is to you to get this bill through all the way. The chemical industry has invested more than $10 million in opposing this bill and they’re not going to stop now. So, every voice is needed.

Help protect children, yourself and the environment: Contact your congressmen to ask for their support.

8 years ago

One Step Closer to a New Safe Chemicals Act

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