Making Better Decisions: Why I Tried The Honest Company Diapers

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By Naturepedic Team
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Making Better Decisions: Why I Tried The Honest Company Diapers

"Making Better Decisions" is a blogging series by Naturepedic marketing director and mom of one, Heidi Baumgart, and her path to making better purchasing decisions for her family.

anchor honest company diapers Meet Momo.

When I first became a parent, there was a lot to research in general about baby "stuff." Of course the one thing that all my parent-friends joked about needing the most was diapers. Which to choose? Ads, coupons, product packaging overwhelm you when you stand at the wall-o-boxes at any retail establishment. Marketing message inundate you: best wetness protection, best fit, cute designs... What diapers were really best!? Yes, you're on the Naturepedic blog, so yes, I considered cloth. My husband just didn't love the thought of it. My mom had visions of 1980's "rubber pants" that were bulky and a mess. So with two votes against one, we went with disposable.

the honest company diapers Let's try a few designs too...

I believe in "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all," so I won't mention the diaper brands I have tried. Bulky, smelly, instant diaper rash with one brand! etc. And what is in them? Moving on.

When I first started working for Naturepedic, I heard about The Honest Company. Sounded good. Looked great! So off I went to our brand new local buybuybaby to purchase some in person.

Our nursery is nautical themed, so of course I grabbed the adorable anchor pattern.

Before I continue, full disclosure of course: The Honest Company didn't ask me to write this, they aren't paying me to write this, and I actually forgot my buybuybaby coupons so I paid full price for the diapers. 

I'm obsessed with the diapers. Seriously. And for a few reasons.

Momo checks out her new honest company diapers

First of all: I know I made a better decision. The Honest Company diapers are made with PLA, which is a plant based fiber. I know the benefits of PLA! We use non-GMO PLA in some of our organic mattresses!

Secondly: They are free of: chlorine processing, latex, lotions, fragrances, common allergens, phthalates, optical brighteners, PVC, heavy metals, organotins (MBT, DBT, TBT) & harsh petrochemical additives. Well I love that. I know that using latex - even organic latex is a no-no for baby products because babies can be highly allergic to it! And, just like our crib mattresses, there's no need for PVC or petrochemicals.

Third: Okay, plain old mom love here. They fit amazing. They are designed wonderfully and have you SEEN the cute designs? I love coordinating baby outfits anyways and now cute flowers or fruit or animals show instead of some over-marketed cartoon character.

So a necessary commodity becomes a smile a half a dozen times as day. Try 'em. You like em, too. Our friend Beau of #theoandbeau wears The Honest Company diapers, too, and has a coupon code for you.

The Honest Company Shampoo/Body Wash

P.S. If you're an in-person shopper too, I found another Honest Company favorite: body wash/shampoo at Costco in a two pack. :)

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Making Better Decisions: Why I Tried The Honest Company Diapers

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