Organic Mattresses Made Just for Kids

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Organic Mattresses Made Just for Kids

Ever wonder how a mattress made specifically for a kid varies from an adult mattress? Isn't it simply the same twin-sized mattress as an adult twin-sized mattress?

Not at Naturepedic. Our certified organic mattresses for kids are designed specifically for developing bodies. Here’s how.

Be Firm with Your Kids

Essential for babies, a firm sleeping surface also benefits the developing bodies of older children. Naturepedic mattresses for kids feature a steel coil innerspring, and alternating coil directions create a strong stable feel and a medium-firm support perfect for kids. This added level of firmness might seem too firm for most adult preferences, but it’s best for kids’ growing bodies.

Additionally, our kid mattresses are made with a heavy duty edge support. This edge strength is a perfect reinforcement to allow adults to sit on the edge of the bed without sagging to read that bedtime story.

Get On Out, Allergies

In adult mattresses, organic latex is an incredible supportive and comfortable material; however, as adults, we’ve already learned what allergens we need to avoid and we’ll know about a latex allergy. In terms of babies and kids, Naturepedic focuses on safety first and foremost, so our kids and baby products do not contain latex or coconut coir (bonded with latex). Because little ones with little immune systems sleep on these mattresses, we feel the best approach is to avoid latex as a potential allergen.

100_0084We also avoid soy, a growing allergenic concern for kids, commonly used in so-called plant-based, bio-based, or soybean foams. For parents concerned about a wool allergy, we offer kids and baby mattresses made without wool. While wool is an excellent non-flammable support material within the interior of a mattress, we advise against wool surfaces that may touch your baby and cause a contact reaction from natural oils or chemical cleaning treatments.

Like all our mattresses, Naturepedic kids’ mattresses are free of polyurethane foam and vinyl and are made without pesticides, PFCs, chemical flame retardants and other questionable chemicals, and that’s not just our word. Our mattresses are certified organic to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and meet stringent clean air standards from UL/GREENGUARD. While all of this is beneficial to children with chemical sensitivities, we believe everybody benefits from reduced chemical exposure.

The Wetting Planner

When young children move from the crib to a big kid mattress, the occasional bed wetting accident can happen. The Naturepedic 2-in-1 bed for kids has one side fully waterproofed. This means easy clean-up without the need for an additional protective cover. Nice. Even better, our waterproofing is accomplished without PFCs or the phthalates found in vinyl, instead using food grade polyethylene.

As the child gets older, flip the mattress over for a quilted organic cotton fabric side. While the quilted side has a softer feel, it nonetheless provides a medium firm support.

100_0071The easy-to-clean wipe down surface of the waterproof side is also a benefit when kids get sick, regardless of age. As a parent I know how much I worry when my kids aren’t feeling good. Flipping the mattress to the waterproof side won’t help us parents worry less about our children, but it does mean we won’t need to add those extra layers of blankets or plastic shields to protect the bed.

Kid Power

Naturepedic organic mattresses for kids - kid friendly inside and out

Naturepedic mattresses for kids are designed specifically to support their unique needs while also making life easier for parents.

Learn more about our mattresses for kids, or even better check them out at any store carrying our kids’ mattresses.

6 years ago
susan h.
2 years ago at 10:38 PM
Can an adult buy this mattress to use? It seems less expensive than your other adult mattresses and I would probably add a softer 3" all natural latex topper to it? Thank you!
2 years ago at 9:17 AM
Thanks for your question about the Quilted Organic Cotton Deluxe Mattress. While this bed is designed to best suite children, an adult who prefers a firm bed may enjoy this one. Adding a latex topper will help make it a little less firm, but not much. Please reach out to our customer service department and they can help you decide on a combination that may work for you. You can reach them at 1.800.917.3342 or email them at from 9am-5pm EST, Monday-Friday.

Organic Mattresses Made Just for Kids

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