Respecting our Earth: Naturepedic Releases 2014 Sustainability Report

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Respecting our Earth: Naturepedic Releases 2014 Sustainability Report

Naturepedic Sustainability Report

Earth Month. It’s a wonderful thing. By bringing the importance of sustainability to the masses, even if the majority of people make one lifestyle change to live greener, the campaign’s motto “even a little help goes a long way“ is validated. Naturepedic strives to be more sustainable every day. Our efforts to reach this goal begin with producing the healthiest organic products we can without toxic chemicals like flame retardants, biocides and phthalates.

We know healthy living is an all-day, everyday process—it’s not just the part spent sleeping. This is why our commitment to healthier living is extending beyond our products into our overall way of doing business and its impact on the planet.

While we have always informally considered sustainability, we have now formally integrated the concept into our business plan. We designated our first Sustainable Officer and created a “Green Team,” a group of passionate individuals tasked with exploring innovative ways to make our business even greener than it is.

Our first public Naturepedic sustainability report shares Naturepedic’s accomplishments, efforts and plans for the future. The documentation process has ignited a dialogue throughout the company; spanning various departments and uncovering a variety of inspired ideas.

So what have we done?

First, by using organic over conventional cotton we reduce environmental impact. This choice eliminates 2,000 pounds of synthetic pesticides from being used. That figure is only for filling, and doesn’t even take into account the large amount of organic cotton fabric we use! Other efforts include:

- Purchase of renewable energy credits from NativeEnergy for 100% of our electricity use

- Use of reflective roofing material to increase heating/cooling efficiency

- Focus on modular mattress designs in our adult luxury lines (the ability to easily replace comfort components mean no need to scrap an entire mattress when you’re ready to update!)

- Use of van transportation and office telecommuting to lower carbon footprint

For Earth Day, April 22, 2015:

- Together as a company, we’re planting the first naturalized Naturepedic butterfly and bee habitat on headquarter grounds.

We are constantly looking for ways to better improve our environmental footprint. Efforts underway include:

- Auditing in-house printing practices, evaluating systems to boost efficiency and reduce waste

- Evaluating internal practices to uncover potential areas to decrease waste

Check back soon for a how-to guide on building your own butterfly and bee habitat. We’ll also continue to update you regularly on our sustainability efforts. These are exciting times to reduce our carbon footprint and live a more healthy life!

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Respecting our Earth: Naturepedic Releases 2014 Sustainability Report

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