White Shirt, Green Circle: What is GOTS?

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White Shirt, Green Circle: What is GOTS?


So why is there a t-shirt graphic on mattresses? That’s the GOTS logo.

Naturepedic mattresses are certified organic and nontoxic to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), the only third-party organic certification recognized by the USDA for organic mattresses. GOTS is challenging to achieve, requiring both onsite inspections and rigorous documentation, but it serves as a respected way of demonstrating organic integrity for consumer products like mattresses.

To this end, Naturepedic proudly displays the logo, with its white shirt in a green circle, on its website, marketing materials and products. You’ll notice the ID number under the GOTS logo – this validates the certification.

While the logo is designed to verify certified organic products, companies will sometimes attempt to misappropriate the logo without doing the work. Sometimes the GOTS logo is used (inappropriately) when a mattress company purchases GOTS-certified material from someone else, generally fabric, but when they aren’t themselves offering certified products.

In these cases, the logo sneakily implies GOTS certification which is not there at all; in fact the consumer has no verification the materials are even in the products! It is easier for some to post a logo than to actually meet standards. Naturepedic doesn’t play that game.


For products legitimately certified, the logo not only verifies organic and nontoxic standards but also lets a consumer know that the product was made meeting criteria for social justice and environmental stewardship.

GOTS certified products must be produced meeting the key social criteria of the International Labour Organisation, such as being made by workers who have freely chosen their work or not being made through child labor. These criteria apply to all levels of the supply chain, all the way from the farming of raw materials to the production of the final product. Why is this important? Because cotton and textiles are often produced in nations that don’t always adequately safeguard the rights of workers. For reference, 95.4% of all cotton fiber produced globally in 2012-2013 was produced either in India, China, Turkey or Tanzania. (By the way, Naturepedic Cotton fill is grown in the U.S.!)

The GOTS logo is one tool letting consumers know their mattresses and textiles are truly organic, nontoxic and made in a fashion that respects people and the earth. It’s one way of getting a small behind-the-scenes look at what goes into your product, and knowing you can feel good about it.

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White Shirt, Green Circle: What is GOTS?

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