"Light It Blue” For Prostate Cancer Prevention Month

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"Light It Blue” For Prostate Cancer Prevention Month

Light it Blue Blue Cure Campaign

Light it Blue Blue Cure Campaign

The Blue Cure Foundation announced the second annual campaign to “Light it Blue” in honor of Prostate Cancer Awareness Month this September. This summer, Blue Cure will again be leading the charge to light the White House blue, in order to encourage preventative measures to stop cancer before it starts.

The “Light it Blue” campaign asks supporters to sign the Change.org petition: (http://chn.ge/1eDsb3d) petitioning our President to light the White House blue one September evening, and to encourage others to join and sign by sharing the #lightitblue hashtag and petition link on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Custom Light it Blue graphics and further information are available here: www.whitehouseblue.org.

In 2014, the push began as a drive to collect 100,000 signatures to petition the White House to light blue for an evening in September 2014. For 2015, Blue Cure announces an even larger goal, challenging supporters to petition their state capitols, significant local buildings and universities blue for an evening in September along with the White House – to make an impact across the country.

Of the campaign, Blue Cure founder Gabe Canales says, “We want to do all we can in order to show men of all ages that only 10% of prostate cancer cases are genetic. We have an incredible opportunity to prevent new cases of prostate cancer by educating men of all ages on the importance of a healthy lifestyle. The prevention conversation needs to start at a young age – with mothers influencing their young sons on how to reduce risk through anti-cancer diet and lifestyle choices.”

“By lighting the White House and buildings across the country blue for a night in September we have an awesome ability to reach our brothers, sons, grandfathers, dads and friends and put action behind Prostate Cancer Awareness Month,” says Canales.

Over the course of the summer of 2014, the campaign gained wide support from health care professionals, professional athletes, politicians and celebrities, including comedian Jenny Johnson, who lost her father to prostate cancer.

Johnson says, “You don’t have to have a prostate to be affected by prostate cancer. My mother, sister and I were devastated by the loss of my father to the disease, and by lighting the White House and buildings across the nation blue for an evening, we get to bring awareness to prevention, and honor those we’ve lost.”

In 2015, the campaign has secured the support of buildings including Houston’s City Hall and the Baylor College of Medicine to light blue in September, along with corporate support from Naturepedic and the Monday Campaigns (Meatless Monday, Move It Monday, Healthy Monday). Past supporters include Houston Texans’ JJ Watt, singer Kelly Clarkson, actress Christina Applegate, actor Seth Rogen, Houston Mayor Annise Parker, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and many others.

Sign the petition here: http://www.whitehouseblue.org/

About Blue Cure Foundation

Blue Cure’s mission is to prevent prostate cancer and improve outcomes for those with cancer by funding and advocating for cancer research in integrative and preventive medicine, by educating men and youth about dietary and lifestyle habits which can greatly reduce their risk of cancer. www.bluecure.org

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"Light It Blue” For Prostate Cancer Prevention Month

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