The Next Generation of Healthier Living

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The Next Generation of Healthier Living

Health and Organic Mattresses

Healthy, organic, pesticide-free food… we hear a lot about the importance of good choices when it comes to diet. Nutritionists, chefs, dietitians, scientists, policymakers, farmers and more raise their voices around the need to opt for food which benefits people and planet and avoid toxins. While far from mainstream, as the food discourse is rapidly and deservedly becoming, safer and healthier body care and cleaning products are also now on the radar screens of many. But what about our beds? The place where we spend hours upon hours each night? That which we are pressed up against while seeking to restore our bodies? Where is the dialogue around health and mattresses?

A mattress is about so much more than mere comfort. Unbeknownst to the masses, most mattresses contain a plethora of harmful chemicals. Why would you – or anyone – knowingly sleep on toxins?

Well, therein lies the problem: people do not even know to think about this issue.

If given the choice between sleeping upon organic materials that truly allow your body to rejuvenate or a mystery concoction of foreign chemicals, the answer is simple. We should all be sleeping on certified organic cotton, wool, latex and other non-toxic materials, not flame retardants, polyurethane foam, synthetic latex rubber, harmful glues/adhesives, off gassing formaldehyde, GMO fibers of other toxins… particularly when eco mattresses are even more comfortable than their conventional counterparts, in my humble opinion.

I am the proud owner of a Naturepedic mattress – and have taken it upon myself to share the benefits of healthy sleep far and wide to friends, family, anyone who will listen! This message is imperative for all, particularly a younger audience that has yet to make the investment in a mattress of their own. And I have found kids, university students, and young professionals to be quite receptive! Healthy living makes sense to our generation – and sleep can enter into the equation when information and solutions are put in front of us. Whether a new mattress at home, organic topper in a freshman dorm room, or bed for a first apartment or house, organic mattresses can and should be top of mind for young people – and all of us – today!

Erin Schrodes Naturepedic Mattress

Erin Schrodes Naturepedic Mattress



Eridn Schrode, Teens Turning Green Co-FounderAbout Erin Schrode:

Erin Schrode is a young ecoRenaissance woman. As the “face of the new green generation,” the co-founder/spokeswoman of Teens Turning Green promotes global sustainability, youth leadership, environmental education, and conscious lifestyle choices. After working in disaster response in Haiti, she founded and launched The Schoolbag, a youth education project to provide materials for students, as well as initiate active citizenry and environmental stewardship.

You can follow Erin on Twitter at, @erinschrode.

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The Next Generation of Healthier Living

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