U.S., Switzerland Enter Organic Pact

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U.S., Switzerland Enter Organic Pact

Swiss Organic Pact

Switzerland eats the most certified organic food per person than any other country, and beginning July 10, 2015 a pact signed with the U.S. will allow organic products certified in the U.S. to be sold as organic Switzerland, and vice versa.

The U.S.-Switzerland Organic Equivalency Agreement eliminates the need for dual fees, inspections and paperwork yet continues to uphold organic standards. Previously, equivalency arrangements for American organic food were signed with Korea in 2014, Japan in 2013, the European Union (EU) in 2012 and Canada in 2009. Switzerland, however, is not a member of the EU, which presented an obstacle to organic trade between the U.S. and the organic food-loving country.

The Organic Trade Association (OTA) was instrumental in working with government agencies in getting the agreement passed. According to Robert Anderson, Senior Trade Advisor for OTA, this arrangement will help streamline organic trade between continental Europe and the U.S., both which often use Swiss organic ingredients (like delicious chocolate).

According to Bio Suisse, which represents the Swiss organic sector, organic retail sales in 2013 in Switzerland grew 12% over 2012, reaching almost $2 bil worth in U.S. dollars.

The U.S. exported approximately $3.2 bil in organic products in 2014. Meanwhile, organic food sales in the U.S. grew 11% in 2014 over the previous year to reach $35.9 bil.

What do these figures mean? Switzerland and the U.S. both clearly see the benefit of organics. With this new pact, our two countries can now more easily work together in supporting the industry.

After all, it’s always nice to share food. Particularly if it’s organic chocolate.

Read the Organic Trade Association’s (OTA) official press release: https://ota.com/news/press-releases/18271

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U.S., Switzerland Enter Organic Pact

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