Making Better Decisions: Back to the Office

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Making Better Decisions: Back to the Office

eco-friendly desk accesories

It’s that time of year! Kids are back to school with blank, crisp notebooks and colorful supplies. Here at Naturepedic I’ve been inspired to update my office space in an eco-friendly way.


If you have input into your communal kitchen or kitchenette spaces, consider Fair Trade Organic Coffee for your office. Fair Trade certification ensures farmers are given a fair price for their beans and certified organic means you are getting a product that is better for the health of you, the farms, and the farmers.

Brew your coffee at home with a French press and avoid coffee filters! Bring it with you to work in a reusable travel mug, like Joco glass cups. Similarly, bring a reusable water bottle in glass or stainless steel. I love these glass ones by Lifefactory. And if you can, supply your kitchen with paper cups instead of Styrofoam, with a recycling bin conveniently close by. Use refillable, washable lunch bags and sandwich bags.

There are more eco-friendly choices for soaps and detergents as well, from Honest Company and Avalon Organics. Buying online? Consolidate your purchases as much as possible!


Paper with high amounts of recycled content are a more eco-friendly choice, such as New Leaf which can be found in a lot of great office products. But if you’re trying to avoid paper altogether, did you know there are options for refillable dry erase markers? Jot your notes on this cute memo elephant instead of traditional sticky notes.

If you don’t have natural light, you can still brighten your space by using your kids’ art as decoration or bringing in a (low maintenance, if you’re like me) plant. Succulents or a moss terrarium are great options!

Clean your desk space with products like Seventh Generation, plant-based cleaners and wipes. And while it’s not an “update” to the space, make sure you shut everything off at night to conserve energy.

BONUS: For your personal health and a “mental refresh”, consider a standing desk (there are some you can put on top of your regular desk that adjust to sitting or standing positions), and use an app to help you remember to take an “eye” break every 20 minutes. Close your eyes or look out beyond your screen.

I also try to take a 10 minute walk up the road every day! It doesn’t have to be long to refresh your mind and improve your afternoon outlook.


Store your electronics safely in an upcycled, recycled or responsibly manufactured bags. Looptworks makes laptop cases and bags made from excess materials from other manufacturers. Greensmart makes bags from recycled water bottles!

Do you have suggestions for clever eco-friendly or organic products in your office? Have you updated some of your supplies during back to school shopping? Tell us in the comments!

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Making Better Decisions: Back to the Office

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