Naturepedic, An Ecology Center Business Innovator

By Naturepedic Team
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Naturepedic, An Ecology Center Business Innovator

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The Ecology Center is dedicated to health and safety, just like Naturepedic is. We both believe that we can’t have healthy people on a sick planet. Founded in 1970, the Center focuses on the big question of how human life can thrive without destroying our planet. In order to answer this, the Ecology Center works hard at all levels, from consumers to manufacturers to lawmakers, to ensure the highest standards for health and safety.

Recently the Ecology Center launched a new initiative to shine a spotlight on innovative businesses that share the ideals of safer, healthier, and more sustainable consumerism. Naturepedic is proud to be one of the first featured companies in the Ecology Center’s Business Innovator Series.

When you watch the video be sure to let us know what you think of our journey from concerned grandparent to leader in the organic mattress industry.

4 years ago

Naturepedic, An Ecology Center Business Innovator

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