Ask Naturepedic: Why Doesn’t My Protector Pad Fit?

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Ask Naturepedic: Why Doesn’t My Protector Pad Fit?

Naturepedic Mattress Pad

Naturepedic organic waterproof protector pads are a must-have to protect your mattress from life’s unexpected messes! However, you may have noticed your waterproof pad hangs off the mattress and does not fit properly. Rest assured, this is normal for an out-of-the-box waterproof protector pad. All of Naturepedic’s organic waterproof protector pads just need to be washed to fit before use on a mattress.

Conventional cotton material is typically treated with chemicals that reduce the cotton’s shrinkage rate (meaning it stays the same size when you wash and dry it). Our waterproof protector pads are made from organic cotton and are not treated with these chemicals. Organic cotton generally shrinks a small amount after the initial wash and dry. Your waterproof protector pad will shrink to the correct size after a wash or two.

It’s important to wash and dry your waterproof protector pad before use, especially for a crib mattress. Any loose fabric in the crib area can be a safety hazard to your child. The protector pad should fit snugly over the mattress. Simply machine wash and dry. (Another great tip: Do an extra spin cycle to wring out more water before it goes in the dryer!) Your protector pad may fit perfectly after one wash but it could take a couple of launderings depending on your washer and dryer.

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Ask Naturepedic: Why Doesn’t My Protector Pad Fit?

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