Making Better Decisions: Holiday Gifts

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Making Better Decisions: Holiday Gifts

Holiday Gifts

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! A time for family and friends, generosity, and good cheer. There are many celebrations and religious holidays in the winter season, many of which involve the giving or exchanging of gifts. How can you make better decisions about the gifts you give this holiday season?

Much to my coworkers’ amusement, I have been labeled the Scrooge of the office because I am not your typical holiday gift shopper. But it’s not because I’m against generosity. In fact, quite the opposite is true! I find it nearly impossible to give gifts because I have been building up my anti-consumerism muscle over the years. I want my gifts to be meaningful for the recipient and the environment. Because of this, I typically end up making homemade baked goods, crafts, or artwork to give as gifts. If I don’t make something myself, I prefer to buy secondhand, upcycled/recycled, or from a small local business. I also give preference to natural materials, like wood, glass, or metal.

While I’m not perfect (see: the holiday doorbuster item we bought for my dad when we accidentally ended up in a mall on Black Friday), I do keep things pretty well handled on the small business front. I love to shop on Etsy and support hobby crafters and work-at-home moms. When I purchase handmade items from small business sellers, I feel good about supporting a family’s goals. For bigger items, I like to seek out companies that produce their wares in the United States and focus on sustainable and ethically produced materials.

This way of shopping is a shift from shopping major retailers online or spending time at the mall. It might take some creativity and work, but it is rewarding to feel like you are making a difference.

This year, consider replacing even one gift with:

Homemade ornaments

Custom artwork

Family photo books or framed photographs

Cookies or other snacks

Handmade winter accessories (hat, scarf, mittens)

Unique jewelry

What are your favorite small business shops to support?

4 years ago
Jessica Reed
4 years ago at 11:55 PM
I love giving handwritten letters as gifts. Even if it is just a paragraph, it is already wayy more meaningful than a stock, mass-produced card from Hallmark. Additionally, I love supporting my friends who are "starving" artists and commissioning work for friends and family- it's a win-win.

Making Better Decisions: Holiday Gifts

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