Safe Healthy Sleep Resolutions

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By Naturepedic Team
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Safe Healthy Sleep Resolutions

Safe Healthy Sleep Resolutions

Have you made a New Year’s Resolution yet? How about a resolution for better sleep? Healthy sleep promotes better health, productivity at work, and an improved attitude. Which of our Safe Healthy Sleep resolutions will help you meet your goals?

commit to a schedule

Commit to a Schedule: Sticking to a regular bedtime and waking time each day helps regulate your body’s natural rhythm. This means weekends too!

cut screen time

Cut Screen Time: Shut off electronics and screens for at least an hour before bed. The screens’ light interferes with melatonin production in the body, resulting in less restful sleep. Read more here.

phone free zone

Establish a Phone-Free Zone: Electronics can cause interrupted sleep. Unless your child is away overnight or you anticipate an important phone call, the majority of texts, calls, and emails can wait until morning.

create a ritual

Create a Ritual: Bedtime rituals don’t just help children, they are good for us too! In the hour or two before bed, create a habit to follow each day. This could be a warm bath, a cup of organic bedtime tea, gentle yoga, or some reading.

no snooze promise

Make a No-Snooze Promise: Wake up with your alarm. When you grab a few “extra” minutes of sleep in the morning, you throw your body’s internal clock off and you can feel foggy and lethargic for hours. When you are not well rested, you are more likely to reach for a sugary snack or caffeinated drink.

make mornings miraculous

Make your Morning Miraculous: A morning ritual can set up your day just as a bedtime ritual sets up a restful night’s sleep. We love The Miracle Morning as a blueprint to establish productivity-boosting habits.

To turn your bedroom into a truly restful oasis, here are our must-have items:

1. Humidifier (Crane)

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3. Organic Mattresses (Naturepedic)

4. Calming Lotion (Earth Mama Angel Baby)

5. Herbal Bath Teas (Chagrin Valley Soap)

What is your Safe Healthy Sleep resolution?

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Safe Healthy Sleep Resolutions

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