Making Better Decisions: Environmentally Friendly Travel

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Making Better Decisions: Environmentally Friendly Travel

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I do what I can to protect the planet with my better decisions, so when I started to plan a vacation, I wanted to make sure I could do it with the environment in mind. From purchasing carbon offsets to traveling with only a carry-on, I feel confident I can enjoy my trip without worrying about its impact on the planet.

Before You Travel

Your environmentally-friendly travel begins before you even leave home.

- Pack light: Traveling with only a carry-on or small bag reduces carbon emissions. The more weight a vehicle has to carry, the more fuel they consume.

- Adjust your thermostat: Don’t forget to turn your home thermostat down in the winter or up in the summer before you leave to conserve energy while away.

- Use a light timer: Rather than leaving lights on for the duration of your trip, set up a timer to reduce energy consumption.

How You Travel

How are you traveling, and where will you stay? These decisions can make a big difference in the environmental impact of your journey.

- Consider your vehicle: Generally speaking, train or bus is the most fuel efficient means of travel. Air travel is best for long distances, and a fuel-efficient car is ideal for short road trips.

- Research your lodgings: You can look up a hotel’s policies online to select a hotel with a water consumption plan, composting and recycling program, or other sustainability initiatives such as LEED Certifications. For example, Marriott provides a list of LEED certified hotels, and Enchante Boutique Hotel features organic mattresses.

- Offset your carbon: All travel creates additional carbon emissions and pollution. Carbon offset programs allow you to purchase investments in programs to reduce global emissions. Try Native Energy, Carbonfund, or TerraPass. (Naturepedic purchases carbon offsets for our electricity consumption and delivery emissions.)

While You Travel

- Buy biodegradable: Use biodegradable sunscreens and bath products to reduce water pollution from the chemicals commonly used in these products.

- Eat and shop locally: Stick to local, in-season foods as often as possible to reduce carbon emissions from importing food. Local fare is a great way to enjoy your destination!

- Be mindful: Stay mindful of your new environment and enjoy your destination’s natural beauty by hiking or walking. Additionally, refrain from feeding any local wildlife.

Happy Travels!

No matter your destination, you can take small steps to make better decisions when it comes to traveling with the environment in mind. Which tip will you implement when you travel next?

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Making Better Decisions: Environmentally Friendly Travel

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