Naturepedic Earns SFC’s Exemplary Gold Recognition

SFC's Exemplary Gold Recognition

Naturepedic uses healthier materials like certified organic cotton to safeguard human health and wellbeing. Our business practices nurture and protect the planet. We support, and promote, environmental & social causes. All of these behaviors are core to the company’s existence, part of who we are and what we do. That said it’s still gratifying to get publicly recognized for doing them.

Naturepedic has earned Gold Exemplary Recognition from the Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC), an organization promoting the use of healthier materials and sustainable business practices by companies in the home furnishings sectors. Naturepedic is the only Gold Exemplary mattress company among the SFC’s nearly 400 member companies. To earn the recognition, Naturepedic documented sustainability efforts in production, operations and outreach and then submitted the information to an SFC audit. After the audit, Naturepedic was given the gold, and also some kind words.

“Naturepedic is a true innovator and leader in our industry,” said SFC Standards Committee Chairman Gat Caperton. “Their work in sustainability and creating a healthy home environment has inspired many of us. The SFC is honored to award Gold Exemplary status to Naturepedic.”

And Naturepedic is honored to accept. Thank you!

About the author


Dale “Sebastian” Luckwitz is Sustainability Officer at Naturepedic. His mission is to help Naturepedic expand its positive impact beyond numerous product benefits into a wider lifecycle approach. To this end, Dale is involved in strengthening collaborations and uncovering new ways to make business greener and more efficient. He is also a vocal advocate for Naturepedic and loves talking organic mattresses whenever possible.

In addition to saving the planet, Dale likes reading, music, cooking, antiques, more music, and playing with his kids. He also is an avid movie watcher whose guilty pleasure is old black and white monster movies.

Dale holds a Master’s Degree in Teaching and Learning with Technology.