Making Better Decisions: Mindful Giving

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Making Better Decisions: Mindful Giving

mindful giving

We’re officially in the thick of holiday shopping season. Whether you’re already well on your way or just starting, there’s always an opportunity to shop and give mindfully. These tips will help you focus on the joy of giving a gift that’s a perfect fit!

Shop Local

One of the most impactful things you can do when shopping is to support local businesses and the local economy. Take a drive around your local shopping districts to see what boutiques, consignment shops, and other small businesses your community has to offer. Gift cards to local restaurants and shops make great stocking stuffers and are perfect for office gift exchanges!

Support Home Businesses

Most of my online friends are moms, and many of them work at home part- or full-time, selling things like jewelry, makeup, clothing, and more. If you can help support a friend or a work-at-home-parent selling on Facebook or Etsy, that’s an excellent way to cross some names off of your list. As a bonus, you’re helping someone else support their family with their home business.

Go Green

Consider the environment when gifting and choose natural and recycled products when possible. For instance, you could buy toys made from wood or recycled milk jug plastic. Using reusable fabric gift bags is a great way to keep your gift wrap more green too.

Do It Yourself

Break out that Pinterest board and try your hand at homemade gifts and treats this holiday season. Last year, I made a quilt from my husband’s old tee shirts and it was his favorite gift of all! It didn’t cost anything but my time. Whether it’s cookies or quilts, think about your talents and hobbies and consider making gifts at home this year.

How do you plan on giving mindfully this holiday season? Share your stories in the comments.

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Making Better Decisions: Mindful Giving

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