Making Better Decisions: The Perfect Organic Valentine’s Day

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Making Better Decisions: The Perfect Organic Valentine’s Day

Organic Valentine’s Day

When you’re planning your Valentine’s Day festivities, don’t let your organic lifestyle go out the window! Whether you’re celebrating on the 14th or waiting for the weekend, this post will give you a road map to the perfect Valentine’s Day from start to finish.

Morning Treat:

Start the day with breakfast in bed for your sweetheart, with an assortment of your organic favorites like crepes, fruit and granola, or a savory breakfast skillet (stay tuned for a yummy recipe coming soon). If you want to add some bubbles, splash grapefruit or blood orange juice into organic champagne for a picture-perfect Valentine’s mimosa.

Afternoon Surprise:

Whether you and your beloved are spending the day together or going to work, keep the love going all day long! Pack a lunch or a picnic complete with some organic fair trade chocolate and a card or love letter (printed on recycled or plantable paper, of course). If you have time, enclose a small wrapped gift. Eco-friendly Valentine’s Day gifts might include handmade jewelry from a small business or Etsy seller or a gift card to a local spa. If you want to save the gifts for later, include a clue about what it might be in your card.

If you enjoy giving your partner flowers, find organic blooms from a service like Organic Bouquet or check for local sources of organic flowers. You can also pick flowers from your own garden if you live in a climate where you have flowers year round! If a bouquet isn’t in your usual wheelhouse, you can visit a botanical garden in your area to enjoy the sights and scents of lovely flowers without needing to worry about delivery or finding a vase.

Evening Festivities:

When it’s time for your evening dinner date, you can either cook a scrumptious meal from scratch or go out on the town. For an eco-friendly date night, choose a restaurant that sources local ingredients. This is a great opportunity to explore small businesses in the area that you might not have visited before. Treat it like you’re there to write a review of the business and order an assortment of locally sourced appetizers and wines to immerse yourself in the experience. If staying in is more your style, find a local farmer’s market or shop the organic section of the local grocery store to create a delicious meal. If the weather is nice, you could even take a post-dinner stroll.


Help your sweetie relax after dinner with a warm bath by candlelight while you prepare a tasty dessert (it might just be more organic chocolate, nobody’s judging you) or glass of wine. See our blog post on summer entertaining for list of organic wines, beers, and other beverages.

After all your hard work planning a romantic Valentine’s Day from start to finish, you deserve a treat too. Spoil yourself with a healthier night’s sleep on one of our luxuriously soft and comfy organic pillows. Or get two to cap the day off with the gift of Safe Healthy Sleep™.

Please share your own Valentine’s Day ideas with us below, and tell us how you spoiled your loved ones!

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Making Better Decisions: The Perfect Organic Valentine’s Day

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