Advice & Tips for Single Parents

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Advice & Tips for Single Parents

Single parent

March 21 is National Single Parent Day, a day to celebrate the hard work of parents raising kids on their own! We interviewed some single parent members of the Naturepedic community about their advice for other single parents. From meal planning to self care, we hope you’ll find at least one tip that reminds you that you are doing enough, even if you’re on your own.

Find a Support System

You may not have family or your co-parent close to you, so it’s important to find a supportive network that has your back. This is especially important if you’re newly single and feeling lonely in your new paradigm.

“Find your tribe. It’s important to find who you are without the other person and find people who appreciate and embrace that person.” - Lydia R.

“[My single father] wasn’t afraid to ask friends for help to watch me.” -Rachel C.

“Trade ‘night off’ babysitting with another mom once a month, or trade off daycare pickup with a mom who uses the same daycare.” -Nicole S.

“Make some mom friends. Even if it’s just them being there to keep an eye on your kid at practice while you run to the grocery store, that can be a big help.” -Renee L.

Create a New Routine

It’s important to keep a consistent routine, so finding a new normal is a top priority when you’re parenting solo. Our readers offer the following advice to keep your schedule on track and organize household tasks.

“Have a designated pizza night, breakfast-for-dinner night, or Taco Tuesday. It helps when half your dinners are already planned each week… and are easy to make!” - Rachel C.

“Lower your expectations around the house. Fostering connection with your kids is hard when time is limited by work or school. But it’s much easier if you cut down on high expectations of things like housework and [complicated] meals.” -Nicole S.

“Keep a schedule when possible. Having a routine that you and the kids can follow helps the house run more smoothly.” - Erin O.

Take Care of Yourself Too

Self care is extra-important when you’re parenting solo, because it’s very easy to get caught up in your role as a parent and let the other aspects of your identity take a back seat. Do something nice for yourself, no matter how small, and teach your kids about self compassion.

“It’s important to remember self care. Don’t totally lose yourself in the role of parent.” - Holly S.

“Don’t forget that being a parent means taking care of yourself too. You can’t fill anyone’s cup with an empty pitcher.” -Lydia R.

"Allow emotions. Allow failures. For you and for the kids. Go back and explain and apologize. We all learn more by example than by words alone.” -Rachel C.

Stay Positive

Single parenting can feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, but you’re going to get through it.

“Stop beating yourself up about what you can’t do. Do your children have a roof over their heads? Are they fed? Are they mostly happy? Your job is done. Single moms especially deal with a lot of judgment and not-so-carefully concealed gossip. Letting yourself be distracted by other people’s negativity is a waste of time.” -Renee L.

“Take each day as it comes. Sometimes surviving takes one day at a time. One hour at a time. Eventually it will become a week at a time. Then a month. Until you realize you are a survivor and you made it through.” -Rachel C.

What Advice Do You Have?

Your words might help someone get through a hard day. Please share your own advice for single parents.

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Advice & Tips for Single Parents

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