Why Naturepedic Is A Notch Above The Rest

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Why Naturepedic Is A Notch Above The Rest

Naturepedic Notch Above Rest

Debra Lynn Dadd is a well-known author who recommends safer, nontoxic products for people who want a healthier lifestyle. She literally wrote the book on toxic chemicals in consumer products! She’s been a friend of our company for years and we’re proud to be recommended by her program. Discover more about what she thinks of our company in this guest blog.

I’ve been recommending nontoxic products for more than thirty years, so I have a pretty good idea of what to look for when choosing safer products.

After three decades of recommending nontoxic products through books, and then in my online directory Debra’s List (www.debralist.com), In January 2016 I decided to create an official program called Debra Lynn Dadd Recommended Products.

Debra Lynn Dadd Recommended ProductsI’ve never been a fan of seals of approval because while seals say they meet a standard, they don’t ever give details.

Debra Lynn Dadd Recommended Products goes way beyond a seal of approval. It’s a Letter of Recommendation with a written Materials Review that tells exactly what materials are used to make the product. Any consumer can have this information and check out the materials for themselves, so they know the product is safe. And then, in addition, the manufacturer can display the logo, but only if they also make my Materials Review available. There’s nothing else like this that I know of.

When I started evaluating and recommending nontoxic products, there was no such thing as a natural bed. When I decided I wasn’t going to sleep on my toxic mattress any longer, my only choice was to buy a metal cot frame (like a rollaway bed) and pile up a stack of cotton thermal blankets on top. Not the most comfortable bed, but it wasn’t toxic and I could sleep.

The only other choice at the time were thin cotton futons, only a few inches thick, which were placed on the floor. In Japan the traditional floor was a soft, breathable tatami mat made from rush grasses that provided a cushion, but here in America I had a hard wood floor. It’s not quite the same.

So I was very happy to see a whole new generation of mattresses come into the market made from natural and then organic and other nontoxic materials.

But all such mattresses are not the same. There is a wide variety in the quality of materials, the craftsmanship, the integrity of the companies, and the customer service.

Naturepedic was actually the first company to be recommended through Debra Lynn Dadd Recommended Products. I had already known founder Barry Cik for some time at this point and I had visited the factory once as I was passing through Cleveland on a media tour. So I was familiar with the company’s “no compromise” philosophy and knew their standards were the highest.

And so I just needed to learn all the materials and products and figure out how I was going to present all the information. Barry explained all the materials to me in great detail, and I’m very happy with the Materials Reviews. Since, other manufacturers have read the reviews and asked me to write reviews for their products, too. I’ve been told by manufacturers that my Materials Reviews are very useful to have when customers ask questions about the products.

Naturepedic mattresses really are the top of the line, with the best materials, and leading innovations. A few months ago I did A Comparison of Certified Organic Mattresses in my Toxic Free Q&A blog and Naturepedic came out on top for organic materials and having all their certifications up-to-date, accurate, and posted on the website. Though other brands were also GOTS certified organic mattresses, there were questions about their materials and certifications and descriptions on their websites.

I also love the way Naturepedic continues to innovate, always pushing the envelope to make the mattresses more pure and more natural. The polyethylene used for waterproofing baby mattresses, for example, is a nontoxic material but it was made from petroleum. Naturepedic now makes their polyethylene from non-GMO sugar cane.

All in all, Naturepedic is a high quality, high integrity, top-of-the-line brand. And that’s not just my opinion. I talk to a lot of customers and other mattress manufacturers and they all agree that Naturepedic is the gold standard for organic mattresses.

I’m very happy to recommend Naturepedic:

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*Disclosure: Debra Lynn Dadd is a compensated Naturepedic partner, all views and opinions are her own.

About Debra Lynn Dadd:

debra lynn daddDebra Lynn Dadd has more than thirty years experience finding nontoxic consumer products. She has been a leading consumer advocate since 1984, when she wrote the first book on toxic chemicals in consumer products and safer alternatives. Since, Debra has become the most prolific writer on the subject, with seven more published books and the largest website on nontoxic living on the internet at www.debralynndadd.com.

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Why Naturepedic Is A Notch Above The Rest

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