Celebrate the MOMents

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Celebrate the MOMents


Being a mom is filled with so many little moments that people may not even notice. Moms are there for lunches, boo-boos, and bedtime, but what about those tiny things that make everything run like a well-oiled machine? We’re bringing them out to the open and reminding everyone that moms are behind the scenes rockstars at this whole parenting thing.

Mom Means Being Magic

- “When I was a kid, we had a tin box that held Saltines. That box was always full of crackers - it never empties. For the longest time, I thought it was a magic box. Then I went to the store with my mom and she bought Saltines. I asked her why, since the metal cracker box is always full. She smiled and said, ‘That’s because I always buy more.’ That’s being a mom.” Sarah S.

- “When I was about five years old, I was obsessed with a pair of purple shorts with daisies on them. I wore them daily. It took me over twenty years to realize my parents were washing them while I slept so they would be clean the next day. I thought they were magic.” Caitlin H.

Mom Means Staying One Step Ahead

- “Putting games and DVDs back in their proper cases.” Khari M.

- “Throwing away empty bottles of shampoo and body wash in the shower, and replacing them just in time.” Krista P.

- “Buying kids clothes and shoes - as far as my husband knows, there’s just always miraculously something that fits.” Pippa Y.

- “Improve everyone else’s convenience: refill the paper towels, make sure there are trash bags in the house, notice when shampoo is low, keep working batteries in the remote control.” Meg R.

- “Turn down the TV if someone’s on the phone, pick up toys, change the toilet paper, change the towels in the bathroom, restock closets and dressers with correctly sized clothes, feed everyone, pay attention to food spoilage… so much!” Andrea H.

- “Washes her child’s favorite shirt knowing they’ll want it in the morning.” Katie C.

- “Change summer clothes to fall clothes to winter clothes to spring clothes.” Jodie V.

Mom Means Planning

- “Making appointments and sending out cards and gifts.” Amanda L.

- “Keeping an eye on the laundry mountain for important outfits that need to jump the line for upcoming special occasions.” Kira M.

- “The birthdays. I always make sure everyone’s birthday is a big to-do. Even if there isn’t an actual party, I plan cake and presents and dinner.” Erin O.

- “Oh hey, those socks match your shirt. They’re both green. You knew it was Saint Patrick’s Day? No, but your mom did.” Brittany H.

- “My wife does a lot. She handles a majority of our finances. She is the keeper of those sorts of things. She makes sure bills get paid on time. She is the keeper of schedules, she schedules our lives. Working full time, I don’t have time for that so if I want to take our daughter somewhere, she’s the one who makes it happen, both financially as well as knowing which days we have available. If she didn’t do that, our daughter would miss out on a lot because I just don’t plan things in advance.” Scott M.

Mom Means The Little Extras

- “They know where that random thing is.” Stephanie W.

- “Making eggs three ways because you know how everyone likes them.” Marissa G.

- “Elf on the Shelf. I hate that thing.” Renee L.

- “Know what their kids and spouses need or want before they realize they need or want it.” Genevieve M.

Celebrate Your MOMents

What are the little MOMents in your life that people don’t notice? Share them with us. We appreciate you, moms!

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Celebrate the MOMents

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