5 Sleep Tips For Travel With Baby

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5 Sleep Tips For Travel With Baby

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Summer is finally here, yippee. Are you planning on traveling? Did you know traveling is one of my top three things, which can mess up your child’s sleep?

Here are five tips on how to make sleep when traveling with baby a little easier for you all.

Travel Sleep Tip #1

Keep your child’s nap and night routines as similar to your routines at home as possible. If the routine continues to be predictable, your child will find that predictability relaxing. This in turn will make it easier for your child to fall asleep.

Travel Sleep Tip #2

Take the bottom sheet of your child’s crib with you. Put this on the crib at your destination. If the bed smells familiar your child will feel more comfortable in their new sleeping space.

You can also take the pajamas your child wore the night before. If they have a pillow, you may want to take that with you. As well as anything else which your child has in their bed or part of their routine (books etc.).

Travel Sleep Tip #3

Make sure that your child gets used to their sleep space before bedtime. Have as much time playing in the sleep space as time allows. The more used your child is to the space, the easier it will be for them to sleep in it.

Travel Sleep Tip #4

Deal with jet lag slowly. Traveling from East to West is easiest! Staying up later is easier than going to bed earlier.

You can work on gradually adjusting your child’s sleep schedule before you go. Adjust their bedtime by 10 or 15 minutes every other night. Make sure you adjust the wake up and nap times the following day.

If you’re just traveling through one or two time zones, I wouldn’t worry about changing your child’s sleep schedule. It may be easier to stay on the same time zone.

Travel Sleep Tip #5

Give your child the extra help they need during your trip. They may need help at the beginning of the night as well as during the night. Remember you are on a relaxing vacation, if you are not sleeping well your trip will not be very relaxing. As long as you work on getting back on track as soon as you return home you’ll get there quicker. If you are away for around a week, it usually takes a night or two to get back on track. If you are away for up to two weeks, it usually takes between two and four nights to get back on track. The longer you are out of good habits the longer it will take you to get back to good habits.

Have a wonderful vacation!

About Rebecca Michi:

Rebecca MichiRebecca Michi is a gentle sleep consultant who truly believes that some children need a feed during the night until they are 12 months old. She's not one to judge you on your parenting choices, instead she supports you as you help your child learn to sleep more independently.

For more sleep tips, please visit her blog, follow her on Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest or connect with her on Facebook.

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5 Sleep Tips For Travel With Baby

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