Baby Summer Sleep Issues

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Baby Summer Sleep Issues

Summer Baby Sleep Issues

As the warmer summer months roll on, more parents start to get in touch with with season specific sleep issues. It’s little wonder why babies tend to have problems sleeping when the weather is hot- we as adults can find it hard to sleep during the summer, so it’s easy to understand why infants would too. So what are the main summer sleep issues we face, and what can we do to solve them? Read on to find out.

High Temperatures

Let’s start with the most obvious! When the temperature rises, we get hot. And when we’re too hot in bed, we strip back the covers before moving on to stripping off clothes too. Babies cannot do this. And they are less able to regulate their body temperature too, so it’s up to us to make sure they do not get too hot at night. During summer, take steps to ensure:

- Baby wears lighter clothing- she may only need a diaper when it is really hot.

- Baby’s room is not too hot. Use a room thermometer to check the temperature, and open a window for some fresh air if needed.

- Baby has no extra blankets or covers.

Check on your baby regularly and if she feels clammy and hot, remove layers, or use a fan to cool the room down. Some babies will find it hard to fall asleep when it’s hot, so during the day it’s a good idea to close the curtain and use a fan to keep the room cool, so that it’s more comfortable at bedtime.

Alternatively, your child may be too cold if you have A/C, try to keep your child’s bedroom at a consistent temperature, between 65F and 70F if you can.

Too Much Sunlight

Summer brings more hours of sunshine! And while this is lovely, it can play havoc with baby’s sleeping habits. My number one tip: use blackout blinds! Make sure that baby has a dim room that will help induce sleep, and help her to recognize that it is time for sleep. Keeping the blinds closed in the bedroom during the day can also help keep the bedroom a little cooler.

Outdoor Noise

You have the windows open so that baby has fresh air in her room… and then the neighbors have a garden party, or next door starts to mow the lawn at nap time, or older siblings want to play out a little longer… etc. Outdoor noise tends to increase during the summer, and there isn’t a lot you can do about this. Your baby cannot wear earplugs to block out the noise, but you can use white noise machines/ apps to help. Place the white noise machine between your child and the window to help create a barrier of noise. Chances are, baby will be able to sleep through most of the noise… fingers crossed!

About Rebecca Michi:

Rebecca MichiRebecca Michi is a gentle sleep consultant who truly believes that some children need a feed during the night until they are 12 months old. She's not one to judge you on your parenting choices, instead she supports you as you help your child learn to sleep more independently.

For more sleep tips, please visit her blog, follow her on Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest or connect with her on Facebook.

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Baby Summer Sleep Issues

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