Ask Naturepedic: Do Your Mattresses Fit Every Crib?

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Ask Naturepedic: Do Your Mattresses Fit Every Crib?

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We get a handful of questions related to the size and fit of our crib mattresses in various cribs, so let’s put those questions to bed!

Crib Mattress Size

There are safety standards that dictate a minimum and maximum size for cribs and crib mattresses, and Naturepedic crib mattresses are designed with these standards - and your child’s safety - in mind. Our mattresses measure approximately 27 ¼ x 51 ⅝ x 6 inches, which is the size for standard cribs.

Some cribs are slightly bigger or slightly smaller than our mattresses, while still being within industry guidelines. This means that your Naturepedic crib mattress may not fit perfectly in your crib, so it’s always best to test the size of our mattress with your chosen crib.

Avoiding Mattress Gaps

It is very important that you avoid gaps between the side of the crib and your mattress. A gap larger than two fingers wide becomes an entrapment risk for your baby, and their limbs could get stuck between the crib and mattress.

A soft or squishy mattress can cause gaps to appear if your toddler starts to stand at the edge of their crib, which you may not anticipate if the mattress otherwise fits in the crib. Naturepedic crib mattresses are made with reinforced edges - including our lightweight models made with food-grade polyethylene. Edge support and square corners help with a snug fit all around your baby’s crib.

Be sure to not use items like blankets or other soft material to fill a gap between your mattress and crib. This is not safe and becomes a suffocation hazard. Ensure that your crib mattress fits securely in your crib without a large gap.

Ask Us Anything

If you still have questions about the fit or sizing of our crib mattresses, or any other topic, leave it in the comments below, email us at or call us at 1.800.917.3342.

2 years ago
2 years ago at 6:15 AM
Yes, its very interesting topic, we can purchase baby crib with mattress, then we dont get confusion about mattress and crib size etc. Yesterday I have purchase one baby crib with mattress by getting idea from
Mike Frandsen
2 years ago at 8:49 PM
my naturepedic cotton classic was much too small for my crib and naturepedic didn't try to find a solution like trying to replace it with a mattress that was an inch bigger.
2 years ago at 10:40 AM
Hi Mike, thanks for reaching out. Our crib mattresses measure approximately 27 1/4" x 51 5/8" x 6". Although we strive to have our mattresses fit every crib, it is not always the case. The industry has a minimum and maximum size for both the cribs and the mattresses. We make our mattress down the middle of this tolerance. If the crib manufacturer makes their crib to fit the smaller (or larger) size, then there is the possibility of it not fitting. If you reach out to our customer service team at 1.800.917.3342 they can answer any more questions you may have. Sorry for any inconvenience. ^Rachel

Ask Naturepedic: Do Your Mattresses Fit Every Crib?

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