5 Organic Stocking Stuffers

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5 Organic Stocking Stuffers


Even down to the trinkets and treats you stuff in your loved ones’ stockings, you want to keep your gifts as personal, organic, and healthy as possible this holiday season.

If you’re blanking on what to fill your stockings with or you just need a little inspiration, we have come up with five ideas for organic stocking stuffers this season

1. The Wearable Candle Sampler

Here’s a fun option that’s actually three gifts in one -- Objects With Purpose Wearable Candle Sampler! The Wearable Candle Sampler offers a non-toxic candle (yes, many candles are toxic) that uses organic coconut butter wax as well as organic oils. This stocking stuffer is unique because not only can you use it to light up a room, you can use the oil as a perfume or as a massage oil!

2. Organic Teas

Help your loved ones calm down after the stress of the holidays by putting some soothing organic tea in their stockings. Collect a variety of flavors and brands (Numi is a preferred choice) that are both delicious and organic.

3. Organic Socks

What’s more iconic than socks in the stocking? This year, whether you want to go festive with fun designs or basic for everyday wear, there are many organic sock brands to choose from, more specifically, zkano has an abundance of choices all made with organic cotton.

4. Stainless Steel Straws

A lot of times the best stocking stuffers are things your friends and family wouldn’t think to buy for themselves. Amazon has plenty of options for stainless steel drinking straws, which don’t have the toxic additives in disposable drinking straws and don’t contribute to plastic waste. Try out this clever stocking stuffer this year.

5. Organic Chocolates

No stocking is complete without some kind of candy or chocolate! This holiday season find some organic options to keep your friends and family feeling less guilty about their indulgences. Justin’s sells organic treats, and Endangered Species Chocolate is organic and contributes to a charitable cause.

Happy holidays & good luck shopping for organic stocking stuffers!

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5 Organic Stocking Stuffers