Be Mindful For A Healthier & Happier Holiday

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Be Mindful For A Healthier & Happier Holiday

Be Mindful For A Healthier & Happier Holiday

The holiday season is a wonderful time of year. You get to eat, drink and be merry, as they say. Between the traveling, the pressure to find the perfect gifts, and the planning and preparation, however, the holidays can also be extremely stressful. While you are busy worrying about everyone else and their happiness, don’t forget to practice some mindfulness and take time for yourself as well.

Focus on Presence -- Not Presents

Almost everyone falls prey to focusing heavily on giving, and receiving, gifts during the holidays. This not only often leads to pressure, it also tends to overtake the most important things during this time of year. While there is nothing wrong with having some fun choosing presents, don’t stress too much about achieving “present perfection.” Remember, your time with your loved ones is more valuable than tangible gifts.

Don’t Let the Weather Get You Down

The falling snow and shimmering lights always make for a beautiful scene, but even that doesn’t combat the winter blues for many. The cold coupled with the shorter, darker days negatively affects people’s moods. Instead of seeing this change in scenery as depressing, use it as an avenue for mindfulness. Embrace the dim lights and the time at home by curling up and focusing on things that make you happy.

Be Mindful in EVERY Moment

It is often the mundane tasks during the holidays that actually stress us out the most. Driving to parties, visiting out-of-town family, cleaning for visitors, or even relaxing with the family can all be secretly adding more stress to the season. Instead of letting traffic perturb you, take that extra time in the car to practice breathing and focus on the now. While cleaning, focus fully on the task at hand versus wishing you were doing something else. Instead of checking social media or playing games on your phone while relaxing with friends and family, use that time to unplug and enjoy their company. It’s a wonder what even a little time away from your phone can do for you.

We hope you take the time this holiday to not only enjoy the company of family and friends, but to be mindful for a healthier and happier holiday.

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Be Mindful For A Healthier & Happier Holiday

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