Winter Sleep Tips For Baby

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Winter Sleep Tips For Baby

Winter Sleep Tips for Baby

As the cold winter months march on, you might find yourself wrapping up in extra layers and perhaps turning the heating up a little higher too. And as you take measures to keep warm this winter, it’s a good idea to also take a look at your sleeping habits too. It can be tempting to add lots of extra layers for babies when it gets cold, but actually, it's not always necessary. Here are some tips for winter sleep and keeping baby safe when it’s cold.

Sleeping inside

Studies have found that too many layers on baby can lead to overheating and can put them at risk. With this in mind, here are some tips for winter sleeping inside:

- Remember that too many layers in an already warm room can hinder your baby’s ability to regulate her temperature and can play havoc with her natural breathing pattern. Make sure you convey this important message to all caregivers so that your baby sleeps safely when it’s cold.

- Make sure your baby’s room temperature stays stable between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Set your thermostat so that you’re sure.

- Keep layers to a minimum. Yes, your baby will need perhaps one more layer than usual if it is really cold, but if your room temperature is stable, then you really shouldn’t need to bundle at all.

- Use a sleeping bag rather than thick blankets to keep baby warm while they sleep and avoid loose or soft items in the crib.

- Always place baby to sleep on their back with their feet to the foot of the bed.

- If you co-sleep remember that your baby will certainly not need any extra layers and should not sleep under your duvet.

- Never place baby’s bed next to a heater or radiator.

- Check baby is not too warm by feeling the back of their neck or her tummy. If it is warm and clammy, remove a layer.

Sleeping outside

Just because it’s cold, it doesn’t mean that baby can't spend time outdoors. Unless it’s blowing a gale or there is a hazardous snowstorm in full force, chances are you’ll need to be out and about anyway. Here are some tips for winter sleeping outside:

- As a general rule, your baby will need one more extra layer than you when you leave the house during winter months. Snow suits are great for providing this extra insulation, and they’re easy to use too.

- Always pop a hat on baby when you leave the house and don’t forget to remove it when you come inside again. Babies lose a lot of heat through their heads so can become cold quickly without a hat outside. Similarly, they need to be able to adjust their temperature once inside again and can overheat with a hat on indoors.

- If it’s really cold, use a blanket on top of the snow suit, or line your stroller with sheepskin or similar to provide a little extra insulation.

- If baby has a blanket over them in the car, make sure you remove it once the car warms up.

- Make sure baby is safe in their car seat. Don’t dress them in a thick coat or snowsuit for car journeys and make sure that straps go under blankets and not over.

- Trust your instincts. If temperatures drop, check baby regularly to make sure they are warm enough. Take an extra blanket in case you need it. While it’s true that entry of fresh air can be great for babies (and help to promote good night time sleep too) if you think it’s too cold then head indoors.

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Winter Sleep Tips For Baby

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