Five Mindfulness Challenges For 2018

2018: The Year For Challenging Your Mindfulness

2018: The Year For Challenging Your Mindfulness

Most of us start off the year with a variety of goals. This year, improving mindfulness is a popular resolution for many. But as is typically the case, getting started and figuring out how to carry out this resolution can be quite the struggle.

Accountability and routine are two keys to keeping up with your goals, and that’s why “challenges” are fun and effective ways to succeed in your resolutions. We have rounded up a few of the most popular challenges to improve your mindfulness in 2018. Whether you go it alone or convince a friend to join in, have fun challenging your mindfulness this year!

1.) Yoga Challenge

Starting the year of with a yoga challenge is a great way to reset both your exercise routine and your mind. Luckily, there are a number of different monthly yoga challenges you can do on the internet, through apps and at yoga studios. Whether you want to do 30 days or 21 days, whether you are a yoga expert or beginner, engaging in a yoga challenge will improve your balance, strength, flexibility and mindfulness.

You don’t even need to leave the bed to complete this challenge! Check out how from our blog post Rest and Restore: A Guide for Creating a Morning and Evening Yoga Ritual.

2.) Minimalist Challenge

Do you notice you have a lot of “stuff” that you never use? Is it cluttering your home? The minimalist challenge is a great way to recognize what you need and what is just taking up room in your house. There a few different versions of how to carry out this 30-day challenge, so pick the one that best fits your lifestyle. You can either get rid of as many unneeded things as the corresponding day (ex. day two, get rid of two things) or some versions have you completing specific tasks each day. By the end of the month, your home, and your mind, will feel lighter!

3.) Self-Care Challenge

Part of improving your mindfulness in 2018 is learning how to focus on yourself and your needs. But with the stresses of daily life, it can be hard to convince ourselves to make "me time". There are a number of self-care challenges available, but we especially love this 30-day option. Each day it gives you a manageable and fun task that helps you focus on you.

4.) Mindfulness Challenge

This specific mindfulness challenge has less structure than the rest of the challenges on our list, so it would be a good one to try after you have already completed a few of the other options. For 30 days this challenge asks you to practice daily activities that reduce stress, improve productivity and increase happiness.

5.) Screen Time Challenge

Spending too much time in front of a screen is bad for a number of reasons, including the interruption of sleep and the aggravation of anxieties. How long you want to make this challenge is up to you, but the general idea is to cut down on screen time and instead use the time to engage in hobbies or activities you have always wanted to try. Once you complete this challenge you should find that you will become less reliant on the screen and will set aside more time for your passions.

What challenge are you participating in this year? Comment below!