Top Sleep Apps for 2018

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Top Sleep Apps for 2018

Sleep Apps for 2018

It’s no secret that sleep plays a huge role in our physical and mental health. A poor night of sleep can have a huge effect on the rest of your day, or week. Sometimes, we think we got a full night’s sleep, but still feel exhausted the next day. For some of us, we just need help falling asleep.

Try one of these top sleep apps to improve your sleep in the new year!

1.) Pillow: iOS

This iOS app partners with features on your iPhone to fully track your sleep. More specifically, it uses your phone or Apple Watch to track sleep stages, heart rate and sleep quality. It also uses a smart alarm to gently wake you each morning. Pillow is free, but if you pay $4.99 you can download more features such as exporting sleep sound recordings and detailed sleep statistics.

2.) SleepBot: iOS and Android

SleepBot, available for iOS and Android, is a great option if you want to track your sleep over specific periods of time. This free app shows you tables of your sleep history, including dates, sleep duration and wake times. It even shows you how much you have slept versus how much sleep you have lost.

3.) Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson: iOS and Android

If you are less focused on tracking sleep and more focused on simply being able to fall asleep, Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson, $2.99, is an app you should consider. Johnson guides listeners through meditation and relaxation steps to help you wind down.This app is useful for those with anxiety and stress.

4.) Sleep As Android: Android

Originally this app gained popularity for guiding users awake at the best time according to their sleep schedules. However, this Android-only app also tracks your sleep with graphs and warns you when you are in a sleep deficit. Not only that, it monitors if you snore or talk in your sleep. Sleep as Android is free for the first two weeks and then it is $3.

5.) Screen-Free Option: Bullet Journal Tracking

If you don’t like having your phone in the bedroom or you are trying to reduce the habit of looking at your phone at night, there is a screen-free option you can try for tracking your sleep. There are a number of ways you can track your sleep through a bullet journal, but here’s a good example to get you started. Many bloggers who track their sleep via bullet journals make sure to track it very comprehensively, including dreams, mood, etc.

What app do you use to track your sleep? If you don’t use an app, how do you monitor your sleep cycles? Let us know in the comments!

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Top Sleep Apps for 2018

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