Winding Down Tips For Better Sleep: Relax Your Surroundings

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Winding Down Tips For Better Sleep: Relax Your Surroundings

Winding Down Tips For Better Sleep

After a long day of work and errands, there’s nothing better than getting a full night’s sleep. Unfortunately, getting to that point is not always easy. Our surroundings and our minds can have adverse effects on how quickly we fall asleep, and how well we sleep. However, it is possible to effectively wind down at night! Follow some of our winding down tips to achieve stress-free evenings and Respect Your Sleep.

1. Avoid Screen Time

With people increasingly relying on technology, screen time has become the mortal enemy of winding down. The screen light manages to keep you awake, and for many, scrolling through social media feeds can bring added stress. Avoid the light and the negative impact the internet can have on your mental health by turning off electronics an hour before bedtime. If it is initially too hard for you to commit to an hour before bed, start slow and work your way up to a full hour.

2. Take a Hot Shower or Bath

For those of you that shower first thing in the morning, this tip may require you to carve out just a little more time in your evening routine. Finding time to shower or bathe right before sleep is a great way to prepare your body for restfulness. Try skipping that last episode on Netflix for a more relaxing activity.

3. Focus Your Mind

While this one may be easier said than done, it is probably one of the most important things you can do to achieve restful sleep. Many of us struggle with a wandering mind, especially at night. It’s natural for this to happen, but when it does, accept that it is and attempt to get it back at peace. The less your mind wanders, the easier it will be to wind down.

One simple way to begin focusing our mind is to write down worries as they pop up throughout the day. That way you can address them at the moment they occur and not right before bed.

4. Make Your Bedroom a Better Sleep Haven

How you design and take care of your bedroom is more important than you may realize. When your bedroom is cozy, comfortable and organized, it becomes a safe haven that makes you feel at ease. Taking the time to make your bedroom a sanctuary will work wonders on how quickly and easily you fall asleep.

5. Dim The Lights One Hour Before Bed

The lighting in your bedroom has been scientifically shown to have a major impact on your sleep. According to The Endocrine Society's Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, excess light in your bedroom will suppress your melatonin levels, a hormone that regulates your sleep-wake cycle. If you start by dimming your lights an hour before bed, you may find your ability to fall into slumber will improve.

Stay tuned for more Winding Down Tips! How do you wind down at night? Share with us in our comments!

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Winding Down Tips For Better Sleep: Relax Your Surroundings

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