9 Organic Beauty Brands to Know

9 Organic Beauty Brands To Know

9 Organic Beauty Brands to Know

Your personal care products affect a lot more than just your appearance. Since you are applying these things directly to your face and body, the ingredients in them make a big difference in your skin and sometimes even your health. Whether it’s the skincare products you use before bed or the makeup you wear throughout the day, we suggest trying one of these nine organic beauty brands to treat your skin how it deserves.

1. BeautyCounter

Started by a wife and mother, the founder of BeautyCounter quickly realized that the personal care industry uses a lot of harmful ingredients, with the toxins causing skin and health issues for users. BeautyCounter was created to avoid using such ingredients and has even gone above and beyond the United States health and safety standards, making sure they are providing the safest products possible.

BeautyCounter offers everything from skincare to makeup to even products for babies. For those who really believe in the BeautyCounter mission, you can become a consultant and help sell it.

2. AfterGlow

Organic and gluten-free, AfterGlow is a great brand to try because it’s free of synthetic dyes, paraben preservatives and irritants. They also use certified organic botanicals.

AfterGlow produces makeup as well as makeup tools, many of which are vegan-friendly.

3. Badger Balm

Badger Balm is a family-owned business that prides itself on only using ingredients that fit their rigorous standards for health and manufacturing. Not only does Badger Balm offer beauty products and personal care products for children, they also offer aromatherapy products and products to help with pain.

Badger Balm also prides itself on giving back to charities with similar values, so your beauty is going to a good cause.

4. Real Purity

Real Purity’s creators founded the brand when they realized that those who have skin conditions may be able to suffer less if they use more natural products. Therefore, they began making everything from makeup to toothpaste with organic ingredients and no parabens, sulfates or other toxic chemicals. If you are unsure of what will work for you, contact one of Real Purity’s makeup consultants.

5. 100% Pure

100% Pure is a fun brand because they specialize in fruit dyed makeup. Their makeup, skincare and hair and body products only use ingredients that originate from nature. They also stand by the natural definition process from the USDA. Lastly, they follow a rigorous, nine-step testing process for all of their products.

6. True Botanicals

True Botanicals promises non-toxic skincare that works and gives your skin the nutrients it needs. The brand is certified non-toxic by Made Safe and is cruelty-free, non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan. True Botanicals is dedicated to helping its customers get the best products for them, that’s why they feature a quiz that suggests what will work best for you. They also highlight different collections on their website revolving around different skin types, conditions and stages in life.

7. Rejuva Minerals

Made Safe-certified and featuring many ingredients that are certified organic, Rejuva Minerals produces everything from makeup to tools . They offer gluten-free and vegan-friendly products that are free from toxic materials and common skin irritants.

8. AnnMarie

When two healthy living bloggers began traveling the world to find natural-care products, they discovered a woman whose had a line of products that used only herbs and extracts straight from nature. They partnered with her and began producing what is now known as AnnMarie. All the ingredients are hand-selected and all products are made through a custom three-step process. AnnMarie allows customers to shop by skincare product or “interest” (ex. teenagers, gluten-free, vegan, etc.).

9. Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve

Made with only USDA-certified organic, sustainably-produced, cruelty-free and ethically-traded ingredients, Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve offer a variety of products. From bath and body products to herbal salves to hair and face products to facial steams to even bug repellents and products for your pets. Shop by product type or by condition to find the right thing for you from this family-owned company.