DIY Organic Valentine's Day Gifts

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DIY Organic Valentine's Day Gifts

DIY Organic Valentine's Day Gifts

This Valentine’s Day, you can run to the store and buy your loved one a gift, or you could make it more personal and try a DIY option. Your valentine will love that you took the time to make them something by hand!

We share some of the easiest and most romantic DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas to consider this year. Plus, we explain how you can make each one organic or sustainable!

1.) “Reasons I Love You” Book or Love Jar

There are probably a million and one reasons you love your partner, but how often do you express these reasons? If you aren’t as good at vocalizing these throughout the year, try making a DIY “reasons I love you” book for Valentine’s Day. Here’s a particularly fun option since it uses recycled playing cards--you just need to have 52 reasons!

Another fun upcycle idea is to take an old jar and fill it with love notes, promises or meaningful phrases. Let your loved one read them whenever they need (daily, weekly or even annually), so they are reminded every day, not just Valentine’s Day, of how much they mean to you.

2.) Organic Body Scrub

You don’t need to purchase an expensive spa package to get your loved one some much needed pampering this Valentine’s Day. Make one of these beautifully aromatic DIY organic body scrubs and package it in a cute container. Your valentine can have their own at-home spa day with something made specifically for them. The best part about a DIY organic body scrub is you can choose ingredients and scents you know your loved one likes.

3.) Homemade Lip Tint

Give the gift of organic beauty this Valentine’s Day by making your own lip tint for your loved one. Use this recipe and you will have a safe and innovative gift your valentine can use for a romantic date night.

4.) Papercraft Rose

If your valentine loves to have flowers around the house, but you want to keep your gifts organic this year, try making your own papercraft rose with organic paper. It’s easy to make and has that personal DIY touch. And these flowers won’t die!

5.) Rope Love Sign

Express love to your Valentine with a personalized piece of decor they can look at forever. Recycle an old plank of wood and find a rope made of a natural fiber, and this rustic DIY sign should only take you about 10 minutes! Try using this tutorial.

What DIY organic gift are you making your Valentine this year? Share with us in the comments!

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DIY Organic Valentine's Day Gifts

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