How to Hygge Your Bedroom

How To "Hygge" Your Bedroom

How to Hygge Your Bedroom

You have probably seen or heard the word “hygge” by now, but may not be sure of the definition. Hygge (pronounced hue-guh not hoo-gah) is the Danish word for a moment that is special, warm or cozy. While the Danish focus specifically on creating these hygge moments during the winter and holidays, finding ways to hygge your bedroom, quite possibly the most important room in the house, is great for year-round coziness.

Stock up on Books

Nothing screams hygge more than curling up with a good book. Set up a bookshelf in your room (a natural wood shelf adds an extra layer of welcoming hominess) and fill it with some of your favorite reads. It will not only inspire you to read more, it will make your room feel more like a cozy home.

Only Wear Pajamas in the Bedroom

Your bedroom should always be the one room guaranteed to provide you comfort and relaxation. While you may walk around in your work clothes or jeans throughout the rest of the house, try to make a conscious effort to only wear your pajamas or comfortable clothes when you get into your bedroom. Achieve hygge by being casual and comfortable at all times in your room.

Add Plants to Your Bedroom

Plants add a natural element to any space, so what better way to hygge your bedroom than by adding some greenery. Whether it’s succulents or beautiful hanging plants, adding some non-toxic floral arrangements to your bedroom will make it become an inviting space where you truly want to relax and unwind.

Remove Electronics From Your Space

This is a great tip for promoting relaxation in any room, but especially when trying to hygge your bedroom.The more you can unplug in your bedroom, the more you can destress, which is the ultimate goal of hygge.

Surround Yourself in Chunky Knit Blankets

While these may be of more use in the winter, chunky blankets knitted with organic wool are the newest craze in the hygge movement. They are soft, warm and inviting, making you more apt to curl up with a good book before you go to bed. Plus, they add a cozy aesthetic to any bedroom. Check out Boll & Branch’s organic cotton knit blanket.

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