Nursery Designed by Mother Nature

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Nursery Designed by Mother Nature

Designed by Mother Nature

By Lisa Janvrin, YouthfulNest

Spring is finally here and we can’t wait to get outside. The budding trees, chirping birdies and warm sunshine make us feel refreshed. At YouthfulNest, we love using inspiration from everything around us.

So why not bring some of that beauty designed by Mother Nature right back indoors with us to enjoy all year round. There are endless possibilities, but I’ve put together this chic collection of décor for children’s rooms that would make any mother proud.

1. This Rocks

Leave no rock unturned because you might just find beauty and magic like that in a geode or agate. You’ll find this natural beauty in everything from bookends to wall art to nursery mobiles. If you want to incorporate strength and beauty in your room, this earthy element is just the right chic combo.

Designed by Mother Nature

Mobile by Pottery Barn Kids, made of natural agate and metal.

2. Wooden-it Be Lovely

Wooden items are both practical for babies toys and bedroom decor. They are super durable and easy to clean. Items made of wood also provoke a sense of strength and longevity. There are tons of options for natural wood items on the market, especially look to the European brands for a wide array of options.

Designed by Mother Nature

Stump side table by The Cross Design, made of solid upcycled pine. Photo by: Janis Nicolay

3. Leaf it To Nature

These days not only can we have pretty décor in our children’s rooms we can get non-toxic and organic materials to boot. Rugs are one of those items that make a statement plus offer a soft place for parents to play with their baby and kids.

The great news is there are brands on the market that offer stylish and healthy products in natural materials like cotton and wool. What’s even better is that some brands are machine washable, which means you can keep them looking good and free of harmful bacteria and germs.

Design by Mother Nature

Rug by Lorena Canal handmade with non toxic dyes, 100% cotton and machine washable.  Photo by: The Small Kind

4. Flora and Fauna Over Wallpaper

One sure way to bring the outside in is with some wallpaper or a wall mural. There are so many eye catching design boasting of blossoming florals, whimsical greenery and woodsy creatures. An accent wall using traditional or removable wallpaper is the perfect design feature to inspire the rest of your space.

Designed by Mother Nature

Wallpaper by Anewall, made with latex eco-solvent inks and non-toxic and PVC free materials.

5. Bed of Roses

Whether it’s a crib or a big kid bed you are making, make it inviting with some nature inspired sheets. I’ve seen everything from itsy-bitsy patterns to jumbo prints and from colorful florals to modern, monochromatic neutrals.

Designed by Mother Nature

Floral bedding by The Land of Nod, made of 100% organic cotton. Photo by: YouthfulNest

6. Natural Lighting

The ceiling lighting fixture is another statement piece that can hold its own from nursery to a child’s big kid bedroom. There just so happens to be an amazing selection available inspired by nature.

I have seen everything from organic styling to literal designs that incorporate elements such as flowers, birdies and vines. Don’t miss the opportunity to put nature in the spotlight, literally.

Designed by Nature

Flower chandelier by Pottery Barn Kids, made of hand blown glass and steel.

7. Keep it Real

Let’s not forget the real thing is best, so don’t hesitate to bring in actual plants to your room. Now, don’t panic if you don’t have lots of natural sunlight, there are plenty of plants that can survive and thrive in low light spaces.

We also recommend placing plants in youthful spaces that need minimal care, just in case it goes a few days without your attention because you are busy juggling the life of a little one.

Designed by Mother Nature

See your local garden center for plants that do well in low light. Photo by: Cali Vintage

*Disclosure: Lisa Janvrin is a compensated Naturepedic partner, all views and opinions are her own.

About Lisa:

Designed by Mother NatureLisa Janvrin is the founder of YouthfulNest, a virtual interior design experience that saves real, busy parents time and money when designing and shopping a stylish nursery or child’s room. Lisa has 20+ years as a design expert.

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Nursery Designed by Mother Nature

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